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Monday; October 4, 1999

“Suck me, beautiful” – man, why can’t I find someone to sweettalk me like that? All I ever got was like, well. No, nevermind. However, I think one of the worst lines I ever got was “why don’t we go back to my old man’s house and screw?”

I really should stop collecting quotes. One day.

I went to see American Pie tonight with Brad and Kate M. I’m begining to think that Kate wasn’t kidding when she said they were planning on using me to spice up their relationship. When Brad was taking me home a different way tonight, I realised he was trying to kidnap me. He said he was in cahoots with ‘that bible guy’, and had spent the past year and 8 months trying to work his way into my flat to get revenge. You know how criminals always reveal their cunning plans, because they think they’re so goddam fucking smart? Well, I fucked his shit up right then and there. Yeah man!

This afternoon while parked in front of Juice, where we seem to live these days, Brad and I composed lists for our Bradwarming/Halloween/Simon’s Birthday combined partAy. I wrote boring lists of decorations and stuff, while Brad wrote out our guestlists. I’d scan it, but Simon’s not happy with that idea, since we suggested a few people he’d rather not have in his friend sub-section. However, rest assured that it was a very comprehensive list. If you think chances are I’ve forgotten you, better email me and let me know. At this stage, we’re wanting Robbie Williams to perform for us. We figure if we asked nice enough, he might.

What else did I do today? Played Pokemon, again. As in, the card game. Simon taught me how to play it last night, and then kept me up till 3am. I think I have a problem. I swore I wouldn’t play it tonight, but….. I’m going to proposition Simon now.


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