I’m not a drunken delinquent, thank you very much, Ms Wheeler

Saturday; October 2, 1999

What’s the psychological analysis explanation of dreams where you’re being chased? Cos I had two last night/this morning.

The first was some crazy game of tag taking place at school. I think I was wearing a great big Cinderallery ball dress, which added a whole new element of fun. It was craziness.

The second dream involved alien/monster kidnappings, and having to rescue my daughter/friends. Anji was assisting me, and we had a really really teary moment before we went into the house to get them. I was really afraid I’d die, almost sure of it, even. Somehow we managed to get out alive, I think. Scary stuff.

I wanted to open my window in the morning, but the construction next door was too bangy. Instead I took off my shirt and went back to bed. I love my psuedo sixties satin slips. There’s nothing to beat the feeling of being Barbarella on Honeymoon.

Other highlights of the day? Ummm. Oh yeah, watching Heartbreak High with Brad. I’m sure he’s a bad influence on me. The problem with Heartbreak High was that it was all a new cast, apart from Con, and we think that was his swan song. They even had a new hangout. Honestly, how can a TV show that heinous prosper long enough to accquire a totally different new cast? It just doesn’t work.

In the afternoon, I talked to Jo online, who told me she’s going to come up for New Years – YAY! Plus it looks like she’ll be staying for about a month. Maaaan, she’s going to get SO sick of me. But ah well.

Then I went and watched an hour long show on Billie. Me being the little PR person’s dream that I am, I came out of it fully loving her. Fuck I’m easy. Right after that was some S Club 7 show that I think was trying to emulate the Monkees. It was written by Kim Fuller, so it should have been promising, but I guess it sucked because it lacked the charisma and budget of Spiceworld.

So ten minutes into that, I picked up the phone and rang Kini. We nattered for like an hour and a half, so I hope that the $5 weekends are still applying. I ended up babbling far too much when I’d actually rung her up to let her talk. I suck like that. Still, I’d like to hope that I kept her amused for a little bit. I told her tales about how intimately I knew her brother – both the dream one and the real one. She refused to join me in drinking vodka – her excuse being that 3.20pm was too early to start. Some people eh? However, she pretended to be really impressed that I’d called, so I will let her off the hook.

While on the telephone with Kini, I accidently put the television onto Channel 8, and discovered, to my unspeakable delight, that we now have Juice TV – apparently free to air. I almost pissed my pants, I was that happy.

All good things must come to an end, unfortunatly, so eventually I had to hang up on Kini. That was okay, cos Brad came home shortly after. He and I were going to walk to Wendys together, after staring mouths agape at Juice for a while. But once we got outside, I decided I could walk up to the Nepalese place instead. Like the galant gentleman he is, he offered to drive me, so of course I accepted.

We got back with my takeaways to find Kate Morrison pulling up. She was like “I’ve brought you alcoholic treats if I can watch your Dawson’s Creek tape” so we let her come inside. My Indian was very very disappointing. I’d been expecting a curry, but I guess I didn’t read the menu very well, cos I just got a few bits of dried up tandori chicken. What a rip off. Oh well, I’ll know better next time. At least I got to read an industry magazine while waiting for it. Although I really wish that I could have finished my article about soap and shampoo options. The standard is 30mls, you see, but some hotels are now stocking 40mls, to reflect their clients’ status.

Golly my jingles. Anyways, so we watched Dawson’s Creek, and had big fights with each other over who was in the wrong and who was in the right, and what it comes down to, basically, is just that Dawson is just a great big gimp. Having said that though, Kate M and Brad are just like Joey and Dawson. So cute it makes you wanna puke. But it’s cool hanging out with them – I don’t really feel like a third wheel, which is pretty unusual with couples. And I got vodka jellies out of it.

After Dawson’s Creek, we watched Juice for a while, with running commentary and sing-alongs where appropriate, before flicking over to the netball. Oh my god! What a fucking exciting game. I’ve got a sore throat now from yelling and screaming. Vodaphone Silveeeeeeeer Furns! It was so funny, we all ended up on our feet for the last minute, screaming as the Australians won by one point. One point! It was painful. But so so so much fun to get so worked up!

Brad had to leave then to go to one of his comedy things – or an Improvisers gig or something like that, but Kate stuck around. She and I watched Juice some more, and she tried to offer Daniel Johns to me on the basis that he was scrawny, had Issues and could probably be Bi, but I declined her gracious invitation on the grounds that he was too young. Then we were going to watch “Love and Other Catastrophes” but Clayton had absconded with it, so we settled on Spiceworld instead, because Kate hadn’t seen it before.

On the tape before the movie are a couple of videos, and Kate M informed me she had to sing along to “never ever” which was fine with me. I’ve always liked Kate M (well, that’s a lie, but I’ve liked her ever since our movie last year anyways) but I’ve found a whole new level of respect for her now, because she handed me a remote control to use as a microphone. A girl after my own heart!

Anyways, so yes, we enjoyed Spiceworld, and sang along with gusto in the appropriate times. I picked up new subtle nuances I’d never picked up on before in the other fifteen times (that’s no exageration) that I’ve seen the movie. It really really is very complex.

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