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Tuesday; October 5, 1999

I’m really really tired right now. And it’s only half past eleven. Maybe I should take advantage of the fact that Si’s on the phone and sneak off to bed before I get forced (completly against my will, of course) into playing Pokemon for hours on end. We’ve decided to start a tournament sheet. He won overall on Sunday, I won overall on Monday, and he won overall today. Unless he comes back soon and we play again.

Okay, no more, I hear you cry. I had a boring day today. Oh no, wait! Just before our intercom lecture today, Nice Andrew came running up to me today and he was like “there’s an nasty article about you in craccum” and I was like “yes, I wrote it”. I was like “I know, I wrote it” and he was like “no no, it’s talking about your webpage and stuff and being mean”, so I re-affirmed authorship. He was like “what, you took the piss out of yourself????” Woah, weird concept huh?

Moral of the story is that this week’s Webshite in Craccum was written by yours truely, and just happened to mention my journal. I’ve got the text from the story, and will upload some day. But not right now, because my head hurts. Anyways, if you’re here because of Craccum, then welcome. Pull up a seat, get comfy. It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride.

Ummmmm, what else do I have to say? I still have a headache from sunshine in Albert Park. Brad’s fallen off his pedestal, cos I’ve discovered he leaves the seat up. Both Clayton and Si are so pussywhipped they always put it down. We need more lightbulbs in our lounge. I wrote out a faqs for my webcam.

Right, that’s about my lot for now. Maybe I can get to bed before 12am. That’d be a refreshing change.

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