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Saturday; October 9, 1999

When was the last time I wrote, and what have I done since then?

Okay, so the last time I wrote was on Wednesday, so I should, therefore, talk about Thursday. And Friday. And maybe, just maybe, Saturday.

So maybe I’ll do just that then. Do you have a problem with that? No? Good. Not that I talk to myself or anything, eh!

— Thursday —

For some bizzare reason, I neglected to go into my Intercom lecture, but I decided that I really must drag myself in for my Intercom tutorial, since we have an essay due next week, and I hadn’t had my hypothesis approved yet. Of course, the trouble with not having been to that particular tutorial all term was that I went half an hour early due to confusion. Luckily, Peter set me straight. The tutorial was a great big fat waste of time, but dweeby Webb approved of my essay, if I re-worded it. So that’s okay.

Then Shirley and I went to Saint Lukes. I bought light blue sheets, and she bought umm tinted moisturizer from Red Earth, where she used to work. Red Earth have all new cosmetics in, like the stuff they sell in Australia. All the packaging is shiny and silver. I love makeup. I crave makeup. Buy me makeup, please. I will love you too then. Eye shadows and lipsticks, mainly. Thanks.

Thursday night. Hmmm. Brad was out at work. Clayton went to the movies then went to bed early, I think. Si went out with Gavvie to visit kinderwhores. I had a couple of drinks by myself, and then Brad came home. So we had a couple more drinks, and watched ‘The Red Shoe Diaries’, just to try and be like Leyton. We both got cravings for Chocolate vodka, but had none, so I tried to create a similarish drink. However, Banana Quick just isn’t the same thing. But you can’t really go wrong with Absolut, so we kept drinking, and I taught him to play Pokemon. Half way through our 4th game, Si and Gavvie came home, and more cocktails followed.

Brad and I sang along heartily to “Balimos” or whatever it’s called, by Enrique Englesias. Si and I bickered for a while over my alcohol vs. his pot, but eventually negotions allowed me to find the knives, and I drove and drove for everyone. Umm, that is, for Simon and Gavvie . It was Gavvie’s first time, so gee, wasn’t he lucky to have it with me?

Heh. Right about then, after two hefty spots myself, I decided that it’d be a really shiny idea to watch Fantasia, and I was right. I completly just sank down into the sofa and got completly absorbed. Brad went off and woke Clayton up by being sick. I got big guilt complexes. Gavvie made pop corn, but didn’t put any salt on it, so that sucked majorly, but I was far too comfortably wasted to get up and get the salt myself. When the boys started watching Pokemon videos, I went off to geek until I was more sober, so that my hands would stop tingling. I got to bed around 5am, into my brand new sheets, which rocked. Just a shame the bloody birds kept me awake for hours.


Dreams of cowboys and Indians caterpulted me awake at 2.15pm when I heard Simon come in with Morphine Matt. He was here to reformat our computers, although he only did Si’s before he had to go. It was weird seeing him again, but not as weird as I’d thought it’d be. I was more just sort of thinking “wow, I used to have so many feelings for this guy, and I have so many memories, good and bad, but now it’s like I don’t know him at all, and he means nothing”. Which is I guess, a good thing. It’s like the Matt of the past and this one are two different people, even if there’s so much the same. And sure, I’m worried for his sake, cos he looks even more like a junkie than he used to, although I didn’t want to stare, but I’m not going to lose sleep over him. Anymore.

In the evening, I made yuuuuuuuuuummy vegetable soup, and Kate M came over for dinner and Dawson’s. I’m so glad I get to be Abby if we’re going to play the game. I still don’t get why the fuck Jen could want Dawson. Or Joey either. Stupid stupid. Kate and Brad washed our dishes – that was great to watch too. Brad went off to his comedy thing, so Kate and I watched “The Icestorm” until she invited her friend Kate (yet another one) and her b/f over. She’s recieving her phone calls here and everything – she’s so moving in. Which is fine, as long as she continues to buy me chocolate and wash our dishes. Okay Kate?


Morning in bed, reading the paper after my shower, getting up only to let Brad in – he’d locked himself out of the house going out to the letterbox to get said paper, which wasn’t even there, since it was in bed with me. Poor boy. Some might say ‘poor paper’ too, but no, we won’t say that now. Si said tonight he can’t think of ANYONE that hates me, and that had me puzzled trying to prove him wrong. Which just goes to show how many idiots there are in this world.

Ummmm day was spent doing mundane things like vaccum cleaning and stuff. I baked a chocolate cake to give to Marisa so that she’d come and pick me up and take me to Kate B’s, but then Kate B cancelled on me. That’s okay though, cos I got to watch the SClub 7 show with Brad. heh. It was fucking awful.

Brad volunteered to ‘cook dinner’, so he got his friend Justin to bring us over fish&chips. So that was nice of him. Then Si and I went to Shirley’s, where we watched ‘I’ll Make You Happy”.

Now I am home. Can I go work on my digi com now please? Thank you.

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