“why can’t he do it like this”

Thursday; October 28, 1999
I got woken up today by the sound of a female voice in the hall, telling Clayton about the bag of treats she’d brought over. Seconds later, there was a knock on my door, and Shirley came in to jump on my bed and listen to me tell stories. She made pretty much the same faces Si made, only with a little less agression. I was like, “so gosh, Shirley – you’ve come over just to bring me treats and see me, huh?” before I kicked her out to go boot up my computer while I got my act together. Just as well I wasn’t topless.

So yes, I spent a couple of hours reading the paper and FHM intermittently while helping hyer iron out the crinks in her website. I also helped Clayt a little bit with his. I finished my site yesterday, you see, and uploaded it in class – two days before it was due, because I knew that people would be wanting my help and webgoddess goodness. Ha. Hoar asked me how much I was going to charge everyone for the tutoring. Nothing, because most of the time I couldn’t help people. I mean, for example, Andrew was having problems with his frameset, because he’d done it in Dreamweaver. Arggh! Like dreamweaver’s any good for doing frames. It just confuses the fuck out of me. We ALL learnt how to write pure HTML – I can’t believe that people would just forget about it so soon. I mean, yes, admittedly, I will lay out pages in Dreamweaver because it’s just so much quicker, but I’d always do html stuff (like frames) in Notepad. In fact, I’m writing this entry in notepad, cos DW’s been a bit spas lately. Gosh I’m such a purist. Ha, again. Fuck, it’s way too easy to take the piss out of myself. Moving on.

So I guess that’s basically what I’ve been up to all week. Sacha’s on Saturday was excellent, except for being too tired from being up til 7am that morning (heh) and I ended up nearly blacking out and feeling like maybe I just should anyways, to spite the people that were making me stay later and dance more than I wanted to. Sunday I went to Kate B’s for a bbq, which was highly amusing cos her parents were there (“and if they ask, no I don’t smoke”) who I’ve known practically my whole life as well, so that was cool. Her dad got drunk and was very amusing. I had such a bullshit conversation with him about how much potential Kate and I have for doing amazing creative jobs. Kate and Theresa and Marisa’s house looks all posh and fancy and gorgeous and they served stunning food. They’re like, grown ups now.

I don’t remember monday, except umm supermarket shopping with Brad and Clayt, maybe? Or was that Tuesday? I don’t remember. This week really hasn’t been all that stand out, really. Last night, being Wednesday, I went and saw ‘Go’ again with Thomas. The movie theatre was mostly empty and the people were there were old, and I don’t think they were laughing very much. Still, I was. Then we went to Murphy’s Irish Bar where I had a lot of vodka-lime-sodas, chosing not to drink liquid Marmite masquerading as beer.

Our house is such a fucking pigstye. It’s Simon’s birthday tomorrow. It’s our party on Saturday. What the hell – you’re all invited. Costumes are compulsory.

Need something to do? My (just about completed – there were a few changes saved only at tech) website that I made for my assignment is here. As usual,it looks better in IE, and you’ll need javascript. So there.

guestbook – email – cellie – grudges – my font

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