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I got less than five hours sleep last night, but I’m still feeling very very chiper. Chipper? Cheaper? You know what I’m talking about, anyways. I’m also listening to Madonna. Again.

Heh. Fuck I am so so classy. Oh soooooooo classy. None of you would believe quite how classy I am

Webcams are fun, except when they stop running smoothly, which is probably a good excuse to turn them off anyway. Oooh, I can see where my lack of sleep is starting to affect me now, in this crazy rambling mess. Shall I have some banana quick and peanut butter toast? I think that’d be a firmly logical solution. Okay, hang on while I go and get me some. (heh).

Fuck I’m so going to have to think of another word to put in when I say something mildly innuendoish. ‘Heh’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. Of course, I guess I could just stop talking in innuedoisms, and just say what I want to say.

Hmm. I must ponder these things. The Quick was called “Cool Bananananas” which was choice, but I dunno if the food colouring had such a good effect on me. I feel really really wired, like worse than last night when I drank disgusting alcomapops that Shirley brought over with her, because no one in her flat would touch them. Her and Kate M came over for dinner, which was cool because Brad and Clayt were at work, and Si was in the ‘Raunga. I made them stroganoff, and it was really yummy. Brad came home half way through Dawson’s, but he hid in his room until it was over, cos he’ll watch it later. We made Shirley be Andie, which she didn’t mind, until I told her that there was no Pacey, and if there was, I’d be shagging him. Abby was in fine form this episode, which was good, because it’s always nice to be appreciated.

Not that we’re too over the top with our Dawson’s obsession or anything, eh. No no, never ever trevor. After dinner was over, and Clayton had come home and eaten too and related stories of running down Queen Street in his undies, Kate and Shirley did the dishes. Brad and I kept on watching and singing along to Juice, and decided to always have guests on fridays to do our housework for us. Juice turned up some real gems, and some real bad shit. I decided that I was determined to stay through ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’, and I managed, just kinda gritting my teeth big lots. Ugh. Not pleasant memories associated with that song.

Ummm where am I? Oh yes, today, being Saturday. I’m under attack from wasps. I’ve killed seven of them so far. Evil fuckers. And of course, the problem is we can’t call the landlord in until we’ve mowed our lawn. We’ve neglected our garden and truely are paying the price now.


Sacha’s 21st is tonight – yay free alcohol and dancing goodness. Oh shit, what am I going to wear? Oh deary deary me. I’m also hoping that going to sleep around 7am-ish today will not catch up and pull nasty suprises on me.


I just got back from the supermarket with Brad. We bought carbonated beverages and more fly spray. Non allergenic stuff this time. Bring it on!

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