Monday, November 8th, 1999

Today I actually studied. A little bit. Culture = Heph. Holistic or Elitist or Pluralist or Hegemony. What a bunch of arse intercultural communication is.

I listened to ‘Vitalogy’ for the first time in a year or so today, and was happy that ‘Imortality’ still made me feel like an ocean.

I also finally finished the halloween party entry – read it here.

And we have our first contenter in the cam directory stakes. I can’t believe how many shots of my breasts Kini has.

Exam tomorrow. I cried watching the muppets’ tribute to Jim Henson. But then Brad and I watched Juice until Creed came on, so that made everything okay.

Hmmm. Once my journal used to be all “Si and I, Si and I, Si and I” but now it’s all “Brad and I watched, Brad and I watched, Brad and I watched”. I don’t get to play with Si very much anymore. Waah.

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