deep purple

Ummm November 7th, 1999. You know the score, Chief.
I changed the background colour of my cam page today, so I feel like it’s only fitting to change the background colour, and indeed, the whole fucking layout of my journal today. I trust you will agree with me. And even if you don’t, who cares?
Tonight I have been up to tomfoolery and stuff like that with Jo and Olivia via webcam. Actually no, we didn’t get nekked or nothing, just there were a lot of requests for muff shots. I didn’t play along. I’d like to think I’ve learnt my lesson when it comes to net pr0n. Hahahah. Um.
Tonight I went to Dee’s dancing concert. Yes, that’s right, the sort of thing you think you’ll never have to go to again when your siblings get to a certain age, and you stop babysitting – well, at least not until you have kids of your own, anyways. Still, she’d invited us, and I remembered how bad it always made me feel when Penny and Sarah didn’t come to the plays I was involved in at Onslow, so me and Trudie and Shirley went. It lasted four hours, including the awards presentation at the end. Brad gave me two rounds of golf claps in recognition of that when I got home.
A lot of it was quite boring, but some of it was quite quite trippy. Maybe I’m having acid flashbacks or something. Well, not really, but faaaaaaark, I just got creeped out and stuff, and well I dunno – it was just strange. Yeah. I don’t sleep much these days, so maybe that helps make things seem freakier.

I remember dancing to lots of the songs that they used, in my youth. Karen and I used to make up elaborate routines to all sorts of stuff, but I never went to any formal classes. I kinda wish that I had, but oh well. Say La Vee, and all that. I could be an olympic rhythmic gymnast now, only the day before my classes were supposed to start, my teacher hurt their back and had to cancel it all. Damn.

Actually, I’ve never seen a 6ft tall gymnast.

This evening when I finally got home from the concert, after Brad had finished laughing at Si’s manson video, we watched Swingers, and that made me laugh a lot, especially when they were talking about other directors ripping off other directors, and the camera was circulating the table in a blatant piss take of Resivour Dogs, not that I can spell. I also drank a lot of red wine, which suprisingly stopped me from crying. Grr me.

I dreamt this morning that I was a Queen/Lady/Ruler type person in a ‘Daughter of The Empire’ book type Feudal setting. My particular little kingdom was kind of weak, and not so rich, and in desperate need of allies – it was a bad situation. I was at some other lord’s banquet, and one of my ladys in waiting was getting married to him, or his son, or something. Anyways, the happy couple was standing in front of me, and my advisor told me that I should say “you are married now”, so I did. Big mistake. Apparently only the Lord of the kingdom was allowed to say that, so I was way too presumptuous. My indiscretion meant that my Lady in Waiting could no longer marry her man, I was forced to leave the banquet, and probably lost all my potential allies, all because of the bad advice from my advisor. I remember calling out apologies as I was dragged from the room by my staff, but it was too late.

So what’s the moral of the dream? I don’t know. But Protocol is a nasty nasty thing.

I umm still haven’t started studying yet. Yes, I’m fucking pathetic, I know. I just ummmm have no excuse really, just that I’m a lazy fucking bitch. Etc. You know the score, chief. Don’t bother trying to insult me because I’ve probably already said it to myself.
On an up note, though, this website is kinda cool. I wish I’d found it while i was still doing my women & media website, but hey, I’ve seen it now.

Oh yeah, speaking of webcams and stalking and stuff (because you know I always do), I wanna start up a fun new competition, where you get to stalk me, and I get to watch. The idea is that you just build up a database of images from webcams, like this, and at the end of the period of time, let’s say umm December 1st, who ever has the most interesting and varied collection wins.

Fuck, how’s that for Hubris?

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