Tuesday, November 9th, 1999

I didn’t mention the polo, yesterday. After watching Seventh Heaven, Brad and I sought other ways to distract ourselves so that we didnt’ feel compelled to study. We almost even did the dishes, before we stopped ourselves in horror. Instead, we decided that we’d simply just stop Clayton from studying, so we went and stood in his room, making banal conversation. Unfortunatly, Clayton’s room smells reaaaaaaally bad (I kid you not), so that didn’t last too long. Instead, I looked at our nice wooden floored long hallway and decided taht we should have rolly chair races.

But it’s not wide enough to accomodate two chairs, and its too short to be any timeable distance, so we had to change plans. Instead, the boys brought out hockey sticks, and a ball. We opened the front door and kitchen doors, at opposite ends of the hall, and closed the bedroom doors, and wa-la. I played Brad first, to the best of three. It was a really close match, but he won, so he played Clayton. Then I decided that we’d probably dented the floor boards enough, but luckily there’s no light so I couldn’t see the damage done.

On Sunday when the boys were all trying not to study, we defrosted our freezer. It all came off in big slabs, so it was actually even kinda fun. When I’m stressed I either clean a lot, or don’t clean a lot. There’s no middle ground. If I’m particularly unhappy, our shower becomes a lot whiter and less grimey, cos I spend hours in it scrubbing the tile cracks. Everyone needs an outlet, I guess.

But anyways, back to today. My exam was at 2, so i got up at 11, in some attempt to actually be awake by that stage. Clayton was stressing out that we were going to be late. He was also studying on the bus, despite Brad and I attempting to distract him by trying to figure out which Full House and Saved by the Bell: The New Class characters we would be. Fuck we’re Pop Cultured. We had to stop off to buy biros and I dropped off my film and stuff. I also bought a red bull, but two essays into the exam, I was fully falling asleep. Four essay exam, it was. I just about shat myself when I saw the first question page, cos it was all about people and their various theories – ie: all these names that I hadn’t learnt. I saw one that said “Evaluate Worsley’s four ideal types of culture for conceptualisation of culture” and wrote that essay, despite the fact that I’ve never heard of Worsley. But all the other questions seemed even worse, so I crossed my fingers and hoped like hell that Worsley was the HEPH guy. And my friends confirmed later that he was indeed, so phew.

This is why you should study, boys and girls! I also wrote essays on “Assess the development of NZ’s immigration policy and its effects on a particular group or groups within NZ” and “Review a chapter from Nga Patai. Consider the contributions of other writers to the issues discussed in the chapter, and incorporate further relevant material on the topic into your review” and also “Comment on how the media portrays ‘ethnicity’ in relation to trends in media coverage of an ethnic group or groups in New Zealand”. That last essay was fun, cos I managed to slip in TRUE BLISS so that I won my bet with Brad and Clayt, who thought I wouldn’t be able to fit them into an essay. But I did. It was sort of a tenuous connection, but in my paragraph about how media only tells people what they already know, I mentioned how Megan Cassie got to talk about police brutality, but not about the implications of her african heritage. Or something like that. Basically, it was all a load of ass, but I only need 18/50 to pass the course, and I should be able to get that. Knock on wood.

Finally the exam was over, and I raced upstairs to pick up my digital communications essay. I was kinda disappointed to only get 18/25 on it. I mean, sure it wasn’t that good an essay, but still, I’m bummed cos I wanted to get a really good mark for digi com. Ah well.

So then six of us (me, Kate M, Brad, Clayt and Peter) all piled into Kate’s station wagon and drove over to her friend Cate’s parents’ house in Devenport, to watch two hours of Dawson’s Creek on tape before the new episode was on at 7.30pm. It was a mission and a half, I tell you. We ended up having only five minutes to spare, timewise. So that was good. And we got reaaaaally reaaaaaaaaally yummy fish and chips, mmmmm and had big fights (again) over just how much of a dork Dawson was. As usual, we were playing at being characters again, and Shirley kept going on about how she was nothing like Andie. I said I was lots like Abby, but everyone was like “no, you’d never do that”. And I guess they’re probably right.

After the Dawson overdose, we watched half of the Robbie Williams concert (ayyyyye robbie!). Clayton started giving me the eye, so I shrieked at Peter to make him stop it. Peter was like “does he do this often?” so I told him that they all do, and Kate M was all worried, especially when Brad told her about the macroon thing. Hahaha. Just teasing. But yeah, we didn’t get to see all of Robbie, cos we realised that Cate needed to study and stuff, so we all piled back in the station wagon and tried to burn off shore boys on the way home.

In the late late evening at home, Jo gave me her pin number, and we had hot raunchy phone sex. Kinda.

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