Wednesday. November 10th 1999

I was woken up by the sound of girls talking in the hallway, and I was like “oh great, kinderwhores”, but then I realised that it was Shirley and Trudie. So I pulled on some clothes and stumbled out of bed, but it turned out they were just there to pick up Clayton and Brad, to go shopping for Dee’s birthday pressie, figuring I’d already got her something. So I was like “Oh fine. No, that’s cool. Clayt, you can hang out with Kate B, and you know, feel free to steal my other friends too, BRAD!” He came back with “well why is it everytime Kate M comes over, I have to go out??” Touche!

Actually, it was fucking funny, cos not fifteen minutes after they’d left, Kate M showed up, to study. When I told her that both Brad and Clayton were out, she looked sad, so I offered to study with her. But it turns out she just wanted to scab our essays, so she did.

We had absolutley no food. Not a bean. Well, not even butter or peanut butter, so toast was out of the question. I starved until Brad and I did the flat shopping at four thirty. Then we watched Saved by the Bell. Then I made super nourishing vegetable soup.

My day was kinda boring. Oooh, but I did find all my 1998 journal entries. They’d been deleted off my computer, but luckily, they were still lurking in the Ihug server. >>>

discovered written when I should have been taking notes instead:

You turn your back
and I kiss your cancer scars
My hands slide down
and stir you into life again
I can’t ever be close enough
to you

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