Over and Out

Tuesday 16th, November 1999
I got bored, so I cleaned my room. That meant picking up ALL my washing. As in three loads of laundry. It was soooooo hot, and I was so tired, and no one was home, so I was just walking around in a low cut slip. I went to the anti-room to get the vaccum cleaner, and I thought I heard Kate M and Brad come home, so I was like “oh fuck” and put on wet clothes to walk back to my room. Turns out I was just hearing things. Ah well.

Then of course, our vaccum cleaner doesn’t actually work anymore, so I had to sweep and then mop instead. Half way through mopping, Kate B rang me up to invite me over for a BBQ. I was a little bit hesitant, because, after all, it was Dawson’s Night, and I knew Kate M was due to be coming over, and I’d promised to cook her meat, but then Kate B talked me into it. However, five minutes later, she rang to tell me that she had to work anyways. All that dilema for nothing.

Later, I got out of the shower to an answering machine message from Marie (oooh, remind me to talk about answerphone messages later), asking if it was okay if she and Kate Hamlinwere still invited over for Dawson’s Night. Well, I’d kinda completly forgotten them, and the invitation I’d given them, but it worked out just fine, cos I felt like entertaining. So I said of course, and invited them for dinner too, for good measure.

Dawson’s was a VERY exciting episode! My GOD!!!! The shenanigans those kids get up! Now we’re all having big yelling arguements about whether or not Dawson will shag Jen, and Joey will shag Jack. I think they all win. Filthy tarts that they are. Where are the morals of today?

After that, there was a pop concert on, so we watched it even though it was all a load of ass. Justin came over, but I don’t think he was terribly impressed with the fact that we were all just sitting around the TV. But hey – that’s what we do on Dawson’s Night. Sheeeeeeesh!

So that was fun. Yes indeedy. Oooh, oh yeah, phone messages. Heh. Jo and I swapped pin numbers, so now I can check her messages, and she can check mine. Plus, we set each other’s answering messages, and they’re very funny. Well, I think they are anyways. And if I ring up my number, I can leave her messages. I got Brad to leave her a huge chunk’o porn dialect. She was suitably impressed.

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