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(you can download the font of my handwriting here if you don’t already have it)
Wednesday November 24th, 1999

# Okay, yes, I haven’t written in a couple of days. I’m sorry. My FTP access has been a little shakey lately. And stuff. So without any further ado, here are the main points that you need to know, not in any particular order. I got 50/50 on my digi com final assignment. That means that coupled with my 25/25 on my first assignment, and my lesser mark of 18/25 on my essay, I got 93% overall. So yay me.
# Mr. Dean Gray, of the Waste of Bandwidth site, wrote a pisstake of my journal, which you can read here. It’s astonishingly accurate . I feel (undeservingly) like a psuedo celebrity.
# Umm, I hope all you NZers are enrolled to vote, and stuff. I’ll tell you flat out that I’m voting for my Labour Candidate, Mark Gosche, and giving my party vote to the Greens. The reason I’m doing that is because I know the Greens have no hope in winning this electorate, and I do want Labour to have the majority of the power. However, I do also think it’d definately be interesting to have some Greens in power. If they weren’t polling so high – well, around 5% anyways, I wouldn’t waste my vote on them, but if they do have a chance of getting in, I wanna assist them.

So that’s the end of that rant. Today I played up to my crazy student bohemien side, and Brad and I went to the Shell post office in our pajamas. I even asked to use their stapler. Crazy. Brad had tried to ring them up to make sure they had a stapler, but luckily I remembered that they definately did before they answered their phone. Wacky. Brad triple dared me to go to the movies in my pjs, but I decided that for Clayton’s sake, I would actually have a shower and get dressed.

I was supposed to meet Clay outside Whitcholls at 5.45, and since Brad had to be in town at 6, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind giving me a lift in a little early, and he said that was fine. 5.20 when we’re just about to leave, he asks me to print something out for him – two copies of something that’s 24 pages long, and my printer is the slowest thing in the world. So, needless to say, we were still there at least ten minutes later, and the printer had died on me and stuff as well. Traffic was heinous, and rainy. We sang Creed and Briteny as we drove (well, mostly did instrumentals for Creed, cos we didn’t know the words, but I’ve looked them up now) but it didn’t make the car go any faster. I got to Whitcholls around 6.03, and Clayton was gone. The security guards laughed at me as they opened the doors so I could talk to his friend Matt, who didn’t know which theatre the premiere was at. He suggested The Academy, so I went there, and they suggested the preview places on Symonds Street or Anzac Avenue, but I didn’t know which one, and I’ve never been to either, and the movie was supposed to start at 6, so I gave up. If I’d been able to find a green phone, I would have tried to drag a friend into town with me, but I couldn’t, so I didn’t. Instead I got wet in the rain, and grumpy, and took a bus home.

In the evening, I watched John Campbell holding a Leader’s Debate on TV3. Fuck he rocks. I’d so have his babies. And Helen Clark whooped the Ship’s softspoken ass all over the place. I like being a media student. It makes me feel so goddam smart and smug and stuff. I wish that there was like an education restriction on voting. But then again, it’s like someone said on the Simpsons – “When are you people going to learn? Democracy just doesn’t work”. Having said that, though, DO vote. And if you want my advice, go Centre-Left. That’s my little soap box appeal to you.

Shirley and Trudie are moving in on Saturday (Election Day) until they find a new flat. This means we’ll have another sofa and a bigger TV for a while. God knows where they’ll be sleeping though. Ahh well. Did I mention I sent out my cv today? Well I did. I so need a job. Please someone, hire me? I’m like, multi-talented, and stuff. I can provide references.

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