November Rain

November 26th – Friday?
I wish it would fucking stop raining. I am so fucking sick of the rain. It’s sunny by day, so I leave my clothes out, and then it rains at night. Last night I went to bed around 1.30am and it started pouring so fucking hard I thought the sky was about to collapse. Obviously I couldn’t sleep with that noise, so I went and stood on the front porch for a while, til I was soaked to the skin. That woke me up too much to sleep again, so I was still awake at 5am, re-reading a Tom Robbins book called “Half Asleep in Frogs’ Pajamas”.

Today has pretty much sucked. I spent a long time doing my CV in html and improving on it and stuff, and realising just how bad the paper one I sent in to Ihug was. You want an indication of how bad it was? I wrote “Extra Circular Activties” on it. Isi tried to console me by saying that it just meant I liked those activties so much I did them round and round in circles, but I dunno if potential employers will see it that way. But yeah anyways, so I did CV and follow-up email stuff, and then Brad made us a cheese and crackers platter for lunch. Well, he made cheese and crackers for him and Simon, but since I don’t like cheese, he put some crackers on a seperate plate for me, and arranged them in a pretty pattern.

It was the season finale of Shortland Street tonight, and so I started crying when Moira and Dean finally got to say that they loved each other. When they snogged, Si cheered, and I sniifed lots. I started crying for Donna too, and as much as I don’t like Rangi, I hope that he lives through the explosion, and she can be with him. I’ve never had any brothers.

I liked this. Helena comes through again with another piece of incisive wisdom.

Simon told me after Shortland Street that he’s moving out, which sucks big lots. He said it was cos he can’t afford, and he misses his parents too much, not because of us, so I guess at least that’s one thing. I’m going to miss him soooooo much. Consequently, I was all sad, and then my friends came over for dinner, and one of them had really bad news and was really upset, so that made me even sadder. When they were gone, I went to my room and cried through Little Earthquakes, cos I didn’t want Si to see and feel bad, cos I understand that he has to move out, and stuff.

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