Big, yellow and fluffy

Sunday December 5th, 1999

We went to the Pokemon Premier today, as a flat outing. Clayton managed to score extra tickets, which was SUCH a lucky thing. We went in early and had lunch together first, for the last time , and then went up to Cinema Five, and discovered we were first in the que. I’d bought $7 worth of lollies (which, at movie theatre prices really isn’t that much) so we were VERY hyped up on sugar, and so we were all bouncing up and down and being very excited at the prospect of meeting Pikachu. We were first in the line, which was a source of great amusement for me, and also for the cynical movie theatre staff and promotions people, who laughed at our requests for photos of us tugging at the barriers. All the local celebrities were out in force – I mean, we saw Nathan Rarere AND Kim of Kim&Corbett fame. (If you’re not from NZ, you should probably be told that those people aren’t celebrities at all, really). But all we wanted was Pika, and then it arrived! We all went into the theatre, munching our free Yowies, and watched Pikachu walk to the front of the theatre, and just stand there. So the boys went down with Si’s new disposable camera, and when I realised they were going to be able to get photos, I raced down too, and got to have a photo taken with Pikachu’s arms around me. Heh. It was very cool.

The movie was very exciting too, and it was amusing hearing all the little kids in the theatre call out the names of their favourite pokemons as they came on-screen. The lads were also going to try and get a photo with Karen the promotions chick, since Clay knew her, and Si thought she was hot, but she was obviously onto us and had gone by the time that we got out of the movie. So we just went home instead.

Later on, Shirley came and picked up me and Si and Clayton and took us to Mission Bay, for the Whitcholls Xmas picnic. I’d sold her on the promise of free food and alcohol, but when we saw the quality of food and people in attendance, she told me I owed her big time. I reminded her that she’d stayed in my house for four days. When she tried to tell me I’d stayed in HER house for a week, I reminded her that I’d been paying rent then. So there. Yes anyways, the bbq was horrendous, so we just drank lots of beer in Si’s case, and nasty horrible cheap red wine in mine, and left as early as possible.

When Shirley left our house, Si went online, and that pissed me off, cos it was his last night here, and you would have thought he might have liked to talk to his flatmates face to face for the last time, instead of his little virtual friends that he can talk to any hour of any day, but apparently not. So instead I polished off the vodka from the freezer, and tried to sleep, and when that didn’t work, I drank Speights and rang Anji in Melbourne. She suggested that I should ring Guy for phone sex, but I declined. We still managed to have a highly amusing conversation anyways.

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