Saint Nicholas Day

Sunday, December 6th, 1999
Around One PMish
(Thanks to Ms. Wheeler for letting me email her this story in the first place)

I’m tired cos I woke up at 6 after falling asleep around 3ish, and haven’t been able to sleep since cos it’s so goddam hot. There’s mess cos Si moved out, and left a whole shitload of stuff that needs to be relocated into the rubbish and I have to clean his room so that it can become inhabitable and also I wanna have a nice clean house for our new flatmate.

Si left about 8.30ish, looking all sad and stuff. I was still a trifle pissy with him, but ah well. Since we were all awake and up by then, I figured we (ie me and clay and brad – the remainders) should go get breakfast at the cafe where Shirley works, cos I wanted to laugh at her again for being snogged by Simon (heh). However, I set the condition that we all had to go in our pajamas. So we did – Clayton was even wearing Ug boots.

Just as we were pulling into the garden centre carpark (that’s where Shirl’s cafe is), Brad’s car started making crazy shakey rattling noises, and when we stopped it and turned it off, the engine didn’t stop shaking. We had to call the AA eventually, and they recomended getting it towed to a garage. So we had 45 minutes before the tow truck arrived to eat breakfast and laugh at Shirley in. So we did. In our Pajamas, elicting strange looks. I bet her boss asks her not to invite her friends over again. He looks like the sort of man that’d wear Boat Shoes though.

Anyways, the tow truck driver was very nice, and said we could go sit in his truck while he loaded the car onto the back, because I was laughing at us all in our pajamas. I told him we were used to making spectacles of ourselves. He was a really cool guy, even if we did get really squished up in the cab, since there were three of us in a seat built for two. I wanna be a truck driver when I grow up, I think. It was fuuuuun. I laughed all the way to Ellerslie, where we dropped Brad’s car off at the garage where Simon’s friend Aaron works. He laughed at us lots too, as did the people we passed walking home from there.

It was sooooooooooo hot. At least I’ve had a shower now.

Later On:
I laid down for lots of the day, trying to nap and stuff in the heat. In the evening, I was struck with bouts of inspiration, so Brad and I set off into Simon’s ex room to clean out the waist high piles of junk he’d left behind. Among the more interesting things we found were binders plastered with pictures of Richard Grieco and John Stamos, a few love poems and some nekkid male porn. We stuck the porn to Clayton’s wall because he was out, but we thought he’d enjoy it as much as Simon had. We also had to scrub down the walls, leaving the room smelling a lot like Chlorine. The room looks a lot better now. It’s just weird that it’s empty and Si’s gone now and everything. Spack even.

We watched Love & Death on Long Island again after that, and it was still amusing, and still kinda disturbing. Ahhh 90210, I miss you so much.

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