A new millennium

Thursday, January 13th, 2000

Wow, it’s been ages, hasn’t it? So much has changed. I’m not entirely sure where to begin. I guess with my new years resolutions. Yeah, that’d be good. So here they are, reproduced out of the Flat Bible.

  • Live Better
  • Floss
  • Be Nicer
  • Get a Job
  • Pick on Clayton Less
  • Stage Truebliss’s comeback
  • Get top marks in Multimedia so I get headhunted into a good job and added by other people
  • Give up Pop
  • Learn to like being Spanked

So that’s a good start, I guess. I spent New Years here in this house, with Jo and Kini and Karen and this really annoying chick called Petra that Jo invited over who just fully outstayed her welcome. It was nice. Phones went crazy at midnight with overloading and everything, but other than that, it was good. Around 3am, Kini and I navigated a cab out to Bucklands Beach, to Dee’s boyfriend’s house. Everyone there was asleep, so we hid in the laundry for an hour, and cleaned the fridge in boredom. It was brilliant.

Jo and Kini both stayed until about the 10th, and fun was had by all. Unfortunately, I also got sick, and grumpy from overcrowding and stuff, so I wasn’t the nicest person. But hey, everyone’ll get over it.

So much has changed in my life lately, in the short space of like a month and a half – wow. Weirdness abounds. But most of it is definately very very good. I’m hosting on Entertainz again, cos it’s just easier and stuff, especially since if stuff gets broke, Thomas is here to fix it. It’s cool living with him – the house has never been so clean. Dishes get done every day, and the lounge is fantastically tidy. It’s brilliant. He’s taken over the second line, which means I don’t go on the net as much anymore, which is probably a good thing. I do intend to work hard at tech this year. You might laugh at me saying that, but the thing is, I’ve mostly only got computer based classes, and I worked damn hard in Digi Comm II last year.

Speaking of working hard, it turns out I got 50% exactly overall in Intercultural Communication. This pleases me immensely, because it means I didn’t do one iota more work than I had to to pass. It also gives me the shits, thinking how close I came to failing and having to repeat, but hey – life on the edge is so much more exciting.

I don’t know what else to tell you, or say. Umm, you can go here and see photos that Kini took, which might fill in a few gaps. Or it might not. I’m enjoying this journalling. I really must do it more often. But for now, I’mma gonna dash.


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