May May made my Day

Wednesday, December 15th, 1999
It’s funny how quickly you can fall into routines, and they’re good routines too. But I’m going to Wellington on Friday morning, for nearly two weeks. I’m very excited about seeing my parents and Karen and Jo again, and also Wellington. I’m excited about Christmas, and Christmas shopping, but I will also miss my friends in Auckland. But I’ll be back up for NYE, and that’s all that really matters. Yay, girlie road trip!!!!!

# What would you like for Xmas? So far, I’ve mananged to not write a list myself, which is a little unusual, however, I don’t have much to say, so I might pop in the list now. Simon told me what he bought me, which is the Robbie Williams cd, so don’t anyone else get that for me, okay? But otherwise, I would like: cds: ‘venus and back’ – Tori Amos, ‘rhythem and stealth’ – Leftfield, and the new Fiona Apple one spring to mind, first and foremost.
# Bedding – brightly coloured sheets and cool duvet covers and pillowslips – queen size
# Household stuff – I want chinese brocade pillows and couch covers, funky lamps and cool glasses and stuff. Buana Satu ethnicy or Iko Iko kitsch would rock my world.
# Jewellary – think Texan Art School/Vault sorta stuff and you’re definately on the right track
# Makeup. Anything sparkely will go down a treat, or MAC stuff cos I just lust after it. And Lip Gloss! Gloss gloss gloss!!!!
# Money
# Underwear – or vouchers preferabley
# Alcohol. Think Absolut or creamy liquery kinda things and cab sav or sav blanc in the wine department.
# Chocolate, candy and other assorted paraphanalia
# Drugs, although I am a very nice clean sweet innocent girl
# Perfume – I want Clinique Happy or L’eau Issay. I think that’s spelt right.
# Tiaras. DV8 on K’Road has brilliant ones, and I’m sure other places do too. You can never have too many tiaras.
# General beauty products – I need all the help I can get.

Yeah, so that’s my Xmas list. Probably a little late, but you know, I’m not really expecting any of you to buy me things – but if you wanna, that’d be fantastic. I guess you can send me things c/o the Bakehouse Gallery, Swan Lane, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand. Even if my mother HAS pulled out of that co op, they still know who I am.

May wants to be a part of my world. I invited her to come move in with us, in that case, but I think she declined. I rang Jo in the evening and we had a good gossip. Much giggling and innuendo arose from that, as you do. I also watched ‘Very Bad Things’ by myself, feeling a tad lonely, but also quite sleepy.

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