Friday March 31st, 2000

And once more just for Kini:

Heh. That’s Justin. He’s a comedian. He came in to have a deep and philosophical discussion with me this evening when he was drunk. I smiled and nodded a bit, but I did agree with some of his points.

I went on an adventure today, to Mount Wellington. I took a few mis-turns, on account of not knowing where abouts on Mt Wgtn Highway the Harvey Norman Centre was, but eventually found it. Goddam, there’s one motherfucking huge carpark. It was scary! I got myself two shirts though, because I’d suprisinly found my bank balance to be +$100, which is always nice. The shirts are cool. Both are long sleeved, and a little crisp, but they’ve got a touch of spandex – the blue one is 3%, and the white one is 5%, so that they fit real good. I feel almost like a PR girl in them.

This evening I left the house again to go to Shirley’s. There was a shitload of traffic on the motorway, even at 6.45pm, so I ducked off it at Market Road, and took the long way through Newmarket to get onto the Northwestern. But I still made it in time for Shorters – well I missed like 3 minutes worth. Then after ‘freaks and geeks’ we went out to D72 in Mount Eden for dessert. The waffles were mediocre, but the booths are to die for, so that was okay. I now have a valid reason not to ever go to Shirley’s again – all they served me was a glass of water that I had to ask for and pour myself. I’m a much better hostess than them! But it was cool to catch up. They had amusing photos of their walls of first year.

Oooooh, it’s after midnight so it’s now April Fool’s Day. I think that it’s very fitting that now it’s been exactly a year since I first shacked up with a certain gentleman and have continued to have an on and off relationship with the said person since then. A whole year. Who’d have thought? I very clearly remember telling Shirley “yeah, it’ll probably be a really short little fling, but that’s cool”. Fool me. I wish I was more fickle than I am.

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