Saturday 1 April, 2000

Saturday April 1st, 2000

Cllayton is so ,uch fun to dance with! I swear, he must be gay, eh. We can go down on each other all the time ajnd it’s just cool. athat’s dancing, not fucking but you know what I mean.

I’ve just bene at jody’s 21st and uit was lots and lots of fun. She had it in the Chathams bar on Pitt St, an dthere was a reallyt comfy booth so we drank many bottles of wine in it, then came home, and danced some more, and tha was fun. clayon is cool. I asked him wjo he was spadimng, and apparently it’s noyt matt, so I’m a little let down.

Bhappy 21st jody. Whre is thomas/ is he taking cover?

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