April 10, 2000

Monday April 10th, 2000

Don’t fuck with the Wu Tang Clan, man – you’ll get fucking sore thumbs. We rented a playstation today. We didn’t get Tekken. We did, however, get wip3out, Ape Escape, and the Wu Tang fighting game. It was kinda nifty. Of course, I didn’t get very far in any of the games, especially since we didn’t have a memory card, but still. After having played with Clay, I’m very glad I don’t ever go to bed with him. He got too excited as it was, bouncing and screching all over the place.

Kate M’s another secret gamer. All weekend long I’ve been playing Leisure Suit Larry 1&2 which I downloaded cos I was bored, and we discussed that on Saturday night. Then today she rang me up, to ask me if she could come over to play. Brad wasn’t impressed. When he handed me the phone, he was like “it’s your girlfriend”. Uh oh. I don’t want to cause a repeat of the Agitation Inncident!

So yeah, obviously because I’ve been playing so many games, I have tech work I need to do. More specifically, my 3D modelling. I went in on friday to work on it, and tried for an hour to make changes with no success. So then I made the mistake of asking Stuart, my “tutor”. He spent a long time playing with my piece, stretching it out in ways I said were wrong, without bothering to answer my simple questions. He tried to do lots of things to it, but couldn’t remember how to do them, and would just say “oh right” when I voiced any concerns. Then he told me to do it another way, starting from scratch, but couldn’t figure that out. I was gritting my teeth in frustration at that stage, balling my hands up into fists and therefore cutting myself on my own finger nails. Eventually I just gave up trying, and told him I had to go. I got out of the classroom as quick as possible, and started crying in the hallway in frustration. I really hate not being able to do something, and having someone so incompetant in charge is a real problem. I was just really glad that Thomas was there.

Friday night I stayed home alone. I got really bored, so I cleaned lots of stuff. Then I stuck post it notes on everything I’d cleaned so that I’d get appreciation for doing it – there’s not a single altruistic bone in my body and I constantly crave gratitude. But I guess the cleaning fumes musta gone to my head, cos i went a little crazy with post-its and just stuck them wherever I fancied, with messages on them like “Beep! Beep!” and “No, don’t eat me!!!” It was funny at the time to me. Justin gave me like 8 stacks of post its, you see, in exchange for the site I did them – http://www.shakespearewitch.virtual.net.nz . Brad paid me a bottle of coruba for it, ages ago. Fuck I’m so raking it in as a webdesigner, eh!

Saturday was Brad’s bday, so the flatties and Kate M went to the Thai Archer for dinner, which was nice, but I think I ate too much, cos I was ill when we got home. Then we went into town, and met up with Kamahl and Shirley and Nigel and Peter, which was cool. We went to about three bars or so, including the new one in the Village Force complex – Cirqua or something like that. It was a cool concept, but bad sound, and yeah, it was just so empty, it felt like a chill out room at a rave. I could have it as my house though, that’d rock.

Sunday was very cold, and I just felt like staying in bed, so I did. I read FHM in the nude, does that make me disgusting?

Today I woke up, and then somehow went back to sleep for another hour, despite really loud music, which was bizzare. I was supposed to go into tech, but instead I ended up playing Mother driving one of the kids around – as you do. I didn’t want to go into tech anyways, as it’d mean working on my 3D model. I am on holiday, after all. If there’s anyone out there reading this who is fully proficient in Lightwave 5.6, please contact me!

Then this afternoon, we got the psx out and I’m still sore. I’ve been feeling kinda blue ever since I got home from lunch. I think it’s cos I’m premenstrual, and also cos there’s things I just really hate hearing.

Lately, I’ve been really feeling connections with things I read, see and hear. I’ve been searching desperately for the mp3 of Macy Gray’s “Still”. I have daily dilemas between the “The Fear” by Travis, and “Love Ridden” by Fiona Apple. I want to copy out a paragraph from page 163 of this book called ‘Imortality’ by some Czech guy, but I gave the book back to Thomas, and I dunno if it’d make much sense to anyone else anyways. Amazing book though. Really makes you think.

Mummy sent me this absolutely gorgeous fushia silk cushion cover with the kanji for ‘love’ on it from Australia. It’s only 11 days until International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day, so y’all had better get thinking. Remembering my harem obsession will probably help you in your quest, as will my craving for tiaras and make up.

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