Wednesday April 5th, 2000

This chair really is way too short, but it’s okay, arm cramps are fun. As is writing journal entries whilst drunk – again. I’ll try and type legibiblibly.

Where do I start? So many little stories come to mind right now. Like Leigh saying he’d spend some quality time with me, and he’s just not! So he goes on my black list! So there! And other sundry boys too. I come home to talk to my flatmate, and there’s a really spunky boy in the kitchen, and I’m like mmmm I want me some of that, but well, not mine, so I can’t.

Sitting in the back of Justin’s car coming home tonight, talking to Popular Kate about Hugh Sundae and bunny suits and all of a sudden I was like “WE LAY IN BED AND TALKED ABOUT YOU!” which we both found incredibly funny. Funny like the look on Nigel and Andy’s face when they asked me to tell them some gossip which they hadn’t heard before. So maybe the only thing I’ve ever done that I seriously regreted was worth something if it’s that much fun to relate in story later. Oh wait, that was why I did it in the first place, for the story, and stuff. Damn my eyes hurt. Blink blink.

I’ve drunk nothing but vodka tonight, so I will feel great in the morning. And Popular Kate told me there’s a Dunk’n Donuts in Manukau now, so I’m so there. Mmmm donuts. Brad told me this afternoon that he was going out to dinner, but that Justin and Popular Kate and Maree and Todd were all coming over in the evening. I accused them of taking me for granted, presuming that I had no social life on fridays, but they argued that they knew that I wouldn’t be going out until after Dawson’s anyways, and I guess they were right, since I went out with them. We sat around here drinking for a while first, and went via Maree’s imaginary boyfriend’s house. Oh the stories she concocts to pretend like he’s real! Todd said I look like my dad when I laugh, which I found slightly sinister. No one’s ever said that to me before. I asked Kate just now and she said I didn’t, so I will believe her instead.

What else? Nothing I can put online, I think. It’s so much easier just writing to my list because I dunno, I babble more in email that I do on this thingie, trying to rememeber my little haich tea em elle tags and all. Kate and I have both decided that our beds seem too big. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and didn’t get back to sleep until after 6am today. Grrr.

I was at the Classic tonight, which was very nifty. I haven’t been there in a long long time, and I missed it. I asked if there was like a student discount or something, and Olly was like “you’ve been here so often, you should know by now that there’s not” so I was very flattered that he recognized me. I asked Justin to bring Lovegrove to our party next saturday. This silver scarf rocks, I’ve had many compliments. It’s not just a scarf, it’s a shawl! Truely amazing, so much better than that egg seperator thing that LV Martins is flogging now. It was a GREAT episode of Saved By the Bell today too. And on DC, Pacey even looked kinda like Robbie Williams. Mmmm.

Why does my mother call me on a friday night? Does she too expect me to have no life? I didn’t actually talk to her, she just left a message. Todd and Justin reckon my parents are very very cool, and I mostly agree. Justin’s new haircut has left him looking like Ricky Martin. But not the Ricky Martin in tight leather pants, more like Ricky Martin in the loose baggy pants.

Oh, craziness. I was opening a bottle of soda water that had sat perfectly peacefully in our fridge for at least an hour, and I had not shaken it or ANYTHING like that, but still, it spurted ALL OVER ME AND THE FLOOR, in a massive big fizzle splurty thing. It was very loud and suprising, so I screamed, and Brad was all worried that I’d burnt myself or something, instead of just ending up soaking wet. Hair trigger. Oooh, the bartender at the Classic tonight had a grin kinda like Pacey, so I accepted his suggestion that I have my vodkas mixed, instead of just Chocolate. And so it was nice. Mmm.

Oooooh he was gay! Ha ha HA! That makes me laugh very much. My feet are cold, maybe I should go to bed and hopefully my hands wills top tingling then too.

Yay, Heidi is coming to NZ real soon. I hope her and si get their asses up to Auckland, because that would rock lots and lots, especially if all her crystal ball predictions come true too. Hmm, one day I will stop talking in injokes, but actually no, why bother? Yes I write this journal as a public performance and for attention seeking, but it is still MY journal. In jokes are like me using paint enemas or something – I believe that as my chosen art form, they are worthwhile. Oh god, please just shut up, girl. Or at least change the subject.

I tidied the lounge today, and did half the dishes, which made me feel like a good person. I would have cleaned the bath if we’d had a proper scouring pad. Oooh, I want some bread. Hang on a mo. I had toast today, for about the first time in three months (toast is the secondary source of all my nausea, the primary source being “stress”) and it was really nice. Spunky-but-Gay boy’s # is written on our whiteboard. Hmmm…..

I never was one for much boy calling. I remember the first guy I ever had to call was in form one – I had to call Luigi to ask him to bring the cheese because we were partnered up in Cooking by the teacher who hated me. I was so embarrassed I just about died. I remember a little later on, I went to ring Nuno to ask him details about a gig, but I was so nervous I think I hung up on him a couple of times. And then when i finally let it ring enough and he answered, and I was like “can I speak to Nuno please?” and he was like “yes” there was this huge big pause before I realised he was actually Nuno, and then I was so embarrassed I wanted to die, and wow, wasn’t 14 fun? In sixth form once, a boy called for me, but didn’t leave his name cos I was out, and I was just sooooo puzzled as to who it could be for a couple of months. Of course, i was hoping it was Ben, but I found out later it was Dylan, which was almost as good. Buying a house in the Wairapa, I can’t believe it.

Okay, I just worked out I used the phrase “so embarrassed I wanted to die” twice in the paragraph above, which is just fucking dumb. What a dumb phrase. I will refrain from using that in the future. I just typed “morning” instead of future, which is also dumb. But I guess I WILL refrain from using that phrase in the morning as well, so it all evens out. Right, this rambling is going too far. Creed was on the radio in the car coming home tonight. It’s hard to do the creedstance, sing along, carry out a conversation about beds and radios with Popular Kate AND listen in on Justin and Todd at the same time. Thank god I’m so fucking good at multitasking. multi tit ha HA!

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