April 20, 2000

Thursday April 20th, 2000


Oh yeah, I am still alive. I drove back up to Auckland on Wednesday, because I was bored shitless in Welly and had done all I had intended to do . And my flatmates were duly suprised, which was good.

Today was pretty average. Thomas and I went shopping in Newmarket, and to inspect the trainstation. Apparently I walk too slowly. I used to be a fast walker, but I guess that was when I felt i had purpose. I walk fast in Wellington. In Auckland, I just shillyshally. Oh and I’m used to dropping in behind people when I feel excluded to drift off into my own world. It’s strange, but it doesn’t bother me.

I went through my drawers and cupboard and threw out three bags of ugly clothing. That made me feel proud. I was also very relieved to find my shiny purple skirt again. I’m still not entirely sure that the builder DIDN’T steal it – I will be inspecting it for suspicious white marks, you mark my words.

In the evening, Clayton and I did a little swoopermarket shopping. We’re having a family roast tomorrow. But we’re not roasting a family – I don’t think. When we got back, him and Brad and I played Snap, and then Clay and I played Speed. But then the boys didn’t wanna play with me anymore, because apparnetly, I was too agressive! Go figure!

So i went over to Shirley’s instead, and so we gossiped and talked and watched Sex in the City. Girl stuff.

Oh yeah, on my way up back on Wednesday, I stopped off to see my grandma Oma. She gave me lots of packets of Dutch cookies, and then told me to go on a diet, as I was getting too fat. Who needs logic when you’re under 5 feet tall?

I was reading through my old hotmail, and I found IRC logs I’d mailed myself back in 1998. My god, I used to be so involved in that sick little world. What a lame lame lamer I am. I wish I met more people in the real world. In fact, I wish I met more people, full stop. I had a disturbing revelation that there was only one person last year and this year too that I was lusting after that I didn’t score. And I didn’t score a whole lot of people either.

I really MUST start my essay tomorrow. It’s something to do with the Internet not being the end of Mass Communication, I think. Oh and I must try and find my bed too. Currently all the stuff I brought up from Welly is still spread out all over it, which is a tad inconvient, because it means I have to find somewhere else to sleep. Hmm!

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