April 23, 2000

Sunday April 23rd, 2000

Last night Thomas and I broke into his brother’s house. Well, more specifically, Thomas climbed in the toilet window with his brother’s help, while I stood around looking pretty. But I do it so well. Heh.

Afterwards we watched “Bedrooms and Hallways” which was very amusing, and then got stoned. I spent ages staring at the walls of the bedroom, seeing different things in the pictures because my eyes were only half open. One picture at first looked like a teddy bear in a communist hat, then a boardroom table meeting, then a boardroom table meeting where two of the people in chairs were actually condom packets, and then it was a pool table, and then ti was something else, and then I remembered it was actually a picture of a kennel. When I was staring at the blue TV screen, I fixated on the ‘1’ in “Video 1” and watched it dance. Most of the time it looked like a duck, but sometimes it was a hedgehog. I haven’t smoked pot in a very very long time.

Today it’s nasty and rainy. I’ve carried out my religious observances by eating chocolate, watched “Bullworth” and am now working on my essay. The topic is ‘Does the arrival of the Internet signal the end of mass communication?’ and I’m saying that it doesn’t. It’s going to be a brilliant essay, I can tell you that now! Even if I do suck at working on it. Yesterday, I just got too mesmerized by the liquid ink in my highlighter. There’s something very fascinating about it. If my scanner was plugged in, I’d show you, but I loath getting down on my knees to plug things in.

Penny rang me this morning, which was cool, especially since for once my cellie didn’t hang up on her. She’s going to Boganville in July, which is kinda scary. I so need a new cellphone, so if there’s anyone out there who missed giving me a gift for IGSTJKD, think Nokia. And I know there’s lots of you out there. Thanks for the emails from those that did send them. I will create my own holiday, oh yes, I will!

If we hadn’t broken up twice since then, it’d be a one year anniversary for me today.

I think I have too much of a memory. I know the dates that every single thing that every happened to me happened on. Why oh why can’t I use my powers for good and not evil?

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