For the sake of sake

I’m sick of this colour. One day, I will memorise the sexi hexi decimal table, and then I’ll be able to change colours at whim, without having to load up dreamweaver. But until then I’m lazy. Oh actually, Dreamweaver IS open, because I was doing more charity work. But if I change the colour now, then I’ll have to delete this whole paragraph as being irrelevant. Oh the dilemma!

Obviously, I left the colour the way it was. Unless I decided to be subversive and change it but leave the saga story in about it. But I don’t think I’ll do that. Although there’s no telling what a girl will do on a cup of sake.

I had to be at tech by ten today to work on my 3D modelling project, which meant trying to tip toe around. I took Inco in, and spent $8 on parking for 4 hours. I’d have spent $6 on the bus, and would have taken much more time, so it’s definitely worth it. The group approved of my model completely, despite the fact that it looked like a vibrator. It doesn’t look at all like a vibrator now that it has limbs attached to it, so that’s good. I have to go in again at 9am tomorrow to polish off textures and lighting and fun shit like that. Stinkers.

I’m listening to Beth Orton again right now. I wanna be stoned and staring at ghosts on the floor again. That was cool. Brad’s play opened tonight, and apparently it went really well. I’m going to see it tomorrow, you see. But I did go backstage beforehand, to deliver to Bradley a lovely bouquet from a shy admirerer, and Brad was so stoked. He was like “OH JO!” and his face just lit up, and I had to be all like “actually they’re not from me”. But I guess i still had some of the glory of the moment anyways. Then Thomas and I had dinner at a Turkish restaurant on Upper-ish (ie past Real Groovy) Queen Street, which was nice.

Go see “Much Ado About Notting” at the Silo Theatre tomorrow and Saturday night please, and whenever it’s on in Welly as well. Cheers!

He bought a bottle of sake on the way back, and one cup of it, heated in a tea pot for lack of a flask (but it’s a Mr Donuts teapot, from Japan, so that’s halfway okay) has me craving Tempura. I can’t believe they used to sell sake in cans from vending machines in Japan. I can’t believe I got rousingly drunk on it, on a school trip no less. Ooh ooh, that was my second time ever drunk, even, just to touch back on the coming-of-ageness that I started a week or two ago.

I’m going to go watch The Sopranos now. I can’t believe Queer As Folk ended yesterday. There’s only one more series to go, too. ARRGH! Damn those British and their Art!

Oh yeah, but just before I go, let me just make an impassioned plea for you all to join my community. If you’re not an exhibitionist, be a voyuer instead! I want 59 people so I can beat the Nepalese.

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