April 24, 2000

Monday April 24th, 2000

Goddam, I am hungry. However, if I eat, I will just throw it up, so I won’t. Maybe I should go to the doctor, but I’m figuring it’s just stress. Although this is a little extreme. I had the leftover Thai this afternoon after eating nothing but a cup of tea in the morning, and straight afterwards, I was puking up water. So I haven’t eaten since then, apart from an easter egg, which made me dry retch some more.

The roof poured again today. Clayton rang up Ron because he got the number off some people who came to measure us for curtains. Ugly looking curtains too – this is not good. However, the hole in the dining room ceiling is kind of amusing, since it is just the dining room, and having a steady stream of water from the ceiling into a bucket is pretty novel. It’s like having a fountain, sort of.

I slept a lot this afternoon. I was up until 5.30am having discussions. I feel better now after the talk. I feel worse. I have still have a thousand questions and things I want to say. Justin came over in the morning at about 10am, and because he is loud, I was awoken. He’s shaved his hair real close and bleached it to look like Nick Harrison. It looks bad but it feels really cool. Mmmm velvety hedgehoggy. Reminds me of someone else. Brad dyed his hair dark this evening to look like Fergus. It’s all for Much Ado About Notting, you see.

Ooooh, I’m starting an MSN community, just for the heck of it. It’s called “The Watched”, just for a real gothicy feel, and it’s for webcam goings on. I think you can find it at http://communities.msn.co.nz/TheWatched but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Plus you have to log in and weird stuff. But do try and figure it out!

If you ever have the chance to watch a movie called ‘Trick’ with Tori Spelling in it – don’t!

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