Thursday May 4th, 2000

Apparently, tommorrow all the planets line up and the gravity kills us. Oh wait, hang on, it’s after midnight so we’re all already dead. It’s nice of you to come back from the dead to read ym journal, in that case.

I almost put a little smiley face in at the end of that last sentence, but luckily I restrained myself. My heel hurts. That’s so not related, but I feel like bitching anyways. There’s a big deep gash in it, and I dunno if there’s like glass or something wedged in there too. I suppose I should soak it, but I haven’t yet. So I just limp inelegantly instead.

I spent almost all of yesterday on Thomas’s bed, watching the newly installed Sky Digital. Then I went and saw “Topsy Turvy” with Clayton. It was about Gillbert and Sullivan, and it was nearly 3 hours long. My god, it was tedious! I mean, parts of it were very witty amusing and interesting, but they kept putting bloody songs in it, and it didn’t fucking go anywhere. So I wouldn’t reccomend it. Clayton had lured me to the preview with the promise of free alcohol and food – but there was no food. We did, however, sit on a sofa at the back of the feature theatre to watch it.

Static FM, the AUT radio station that all the radio majors (ie brad, kate m, popular kate and gc peter) work on, is having a launch party at the Hub in a week or two, and one of its key features is going to be a dance contest. Wahoo! Clayton already told me he’ll be my partner. I am very very excited!

In the later evening, Simon finally showed up, so we all sat around talking for ages. It was cool to have him back, and stuff. He went and jumped into Clayton’s bed, making Clay get up to come play too. So that was nice, full flat bonding. Eventually Clay and Brad went back to bed, and so did Si, and Thomas and I went to watch Roswell. It’s so not Dawsons, but hey….

Today we extended the flat bonding thing with Si some more by all having lunch at Food Alley. Mmmm ethnicy goodness! I think the fact that the place looks so damn skanky makes it even better! In the evening, Si Thomas and I went to two comedy things. First we saw “Rhys Darby and his Time Machine” which I really enjoyed. That guy does some very weird things with his body and face and noises. I can’t help but wonder what he’d be like in bed – but I think the answer to that would scare me! Then we went to see “Paul Ego – Cool” and it was very. He’s just lovely and smiley and has really good delivery, and he’s just very funny. Yes.

Damn I wanna have John Campbell’s babies.

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