Where oh where is the end of the world? Just as well I didn’t rush out to buy things on hire purchase. I wish I had more money. I am tired of being a broke student. I want to be a high flying executive!

I got very bored yesterday, so I did this. I think Annette was also bored because she sent me this:

And that scary picture inspired me to hunt around on Ebay for a while, and then ulitmately I ended up making this.

I obviously have far too much time on my hands. So far today, I have stayed in bed watching Juice and reading the paper. And that’s all. It’s 4.15pm. Oh, I did paint my nails, and apply coat after coat of really red lipstick because I could. I’m going to Jeremy’s 21st tonight, so yay me. To that end, I really must go get ahold of some alcomahol. I tried to call Mummy before, but she was out, so obviously, I am going to end up a criminal deviant as a result of parental neglect.

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