Woah, writing in Dreamweaver, this is odd. But change is a good thing. Okay no, I’m so not going to start out a journal entry talking about Geeky Stuff. So there.

On second thoughts, the sentence did start with a ‘woah’ so instantly y’all would have been thinking about cowboys and indians anyways, so that’s pretty exciting. Damn I wanna cowboy hat. I wanna be Tiffany from Pop Stars.

Kate thought I thought that I was better than Tiffany, but what I was really saying was that I was better than her other lameass little kid fans, so yeah, she was just being dumb. I think it says something to that effect on our fridge anyways. No wait, not the fridge, the white board.

You know, I really wanna change this font but I seem to have lost my properties box. It’s kike, disappeared off the screen, so I can’t. Well, I could do a muffdive into the code, but it’ll look all ugly and stuff and oh my god just shut up Joanna before you embarrass the both of us.

I want chocolate biscuits and milk right now please someone. Thanks

I think maybe this is because I dimmed the light in my room. Or maybe it was stoval recreational stylings, or something like that. Not entirely sure. Either way, I’m in a good mood, I think. Just not very cohesive. But let’s face it – when have I ever been cohesive? I admit that yes I do write my journal very much for readers, but goddam y’all must struggle through it. Thanks, I hope I’m worth the effort. Well, I’m not but hey, it’s five minutes killed, eh. It sucks ‘cos like anything else for me, it seems that telling stories is really only truely satisfying with an audience. So while I like the fact that many of my friends read my journal, it also adds complications. I did the whole secret journal thing for a while but I guess a lack of feedback on that made it unappealing. I didn’t feel motivated enough to keep on writing. I mean, I have a book that I occasionally write in if I have big things to purge, but that’s not daily. Which is why things get exorcized online instead. Mostly that anyways.

Oh woah, I’ve so forgotton what i was writing about, because Shirley rang, and then i had to go make a milk shake, and then yeah, I dunno. Lost the plot. I’m having a Miss Universe Party on Saturday for girlies to do their faces and make up and drink lots and lots of champers and all that good stuff.

Today was okay. We have to post intelligent comments in this forumy thing for 3D in order to gain 20% of our end of the year mark – suck! I posted a comment today suggesting that people need to remember to push enter after changing any numerical values in the lighting panel. So onto it man! Jodie and I had large fits of laughter when we found out that after we’d been bragging to Fleur about how done we were and how smart we were, it turned out we’d been working on the completed image as opposed to the one we were supposed to do ourselves. I came back to class 15 minutes later after the break because I’d stayed outside talking to Derek. I think Stuart knows I’m not overly fond of him – or the class either.

This evening I started filling out this huge big survey I’ve been mailed out, and then I stopped for a while because I still had like 50 pages to go. Then Kate B came around and we watched tv and Pop Stars and did stove things. Sizzle.

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