Saturday, May 13th, 2000

Well, Kate B won Miss Universe. Kate M rang to pike on me. Trudie never showed up. I probably should have rung her a couple of hours ago to make sure she wasn’t dead or something but I couldn’t be bothered. Ouch my eyes feel dry.

Oh yes, it’s one of these entries again. Mhmm. Only I feel even more dizzy this time. In fact I would go so far as to say that I maybe even feel ill. Of course, I could just stop rolling around on my chair. Dimmer lights are very ace. I must use them more and seduce more people.

Kate came around
And that’s where I stopped writing last night and tumbled into bed. I was all worn out after the Miss Universe Contest. Before we started watching it, Kate made me up.

Other quotes left over from bubbly and stoveage:
Kate: “Hey, that’s cool that the alien can stand by itself”

Joanna: “I keep thinking these are Popstars”

We find ourselves hilarious. We also found it hilarious that the winner got ten thousand dollars worth of phone calls. Miss India won, in case you didn’t know. She looked like ‘Felicity’. Miss France looked like the little sister in Party of Five. Miss Zimbawee looked like Waverly. Miss Venezuela looked like Hilary Swank.

Kate won the betting, but only cos she got five points in the last round.

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