Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

James shut down the Breast Club today because apparently it got 93,000 hits. This is completely fair enough. My stats looked like this:

Which is very very odd. I guess it got linked to off somewhere high profile, but I dunno. It’s very very odd, and all of you who are on there can feel ever so proud to have your tits displayed to that many people.

Ohh, and other stuff you can look at is what I’ve done so far for my 3D modelling project. Actually, no you can’t cos I may as well show you the whole thing once it’s done. Ahh well, look forward to it.

Oh my god the xtra chat server has officially died now. That’s really sad cos I spent most of my seventh form year there. Or maybe THAT is really sad. There’s a boy I know off it who I’d still drop everything to run away with even though I’ve never met him. I’d also drop everything to run away with Ben. At one time I would have said that I’d also dropped everything to run away with Dylan, but no, I could never do that.

I went to Maree’s last night to sit in her garage (“ooh sit it in my garage baby”) to watch her box up Amway stuff for her aunt. Anyways, we had the most amusing talk ever – maaaaaan she is a dark horse! So that made me laugh heaps.

Today Jody hatched up a brilliant scheme for us to fulfill our forum requirements. She told me when she was going to post a question, so I could instantly answer it for her, therefore making us both look smart. So that was cool. I’ve done like eight posts now. None of them are very good, but it’s SUCH A FUCKING DUMB IDEA. Grr, where’s my sheet? I’ll copy out the requirement for y’all to peruse:
EXCHANGES of understanding and knowledge can be logged here. Take some time to consider the heading as this will be the guide for the next person. Mention variations to ABLAN that you found useful and the ways you adapted this tutorial for your content. Log who you explained this to (and they will RESPOND to this entry – logging their own adaptions to the tutorial and the way it was explained to them, to allow others to add to this)

Other than that, I was actually having fun with the models today.

Neither Brad or I went to our classes this morning, so we ended up sitting at opposite ends of the dining room table reading the paper together, swapping sections and reading out bits I found ludicrous. I was like “we’re so married”. Maree and I had hatched a plan last night to kill Cal Wilson so that Brad and I WILL get married when we’re 30. Of course, there’s still Kate Morrison, but hey, you know….

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