It’s a week until my birthday, which means it’s a week and one day until I can get the hell out of here. It’s also 5 days until the new macdonalds burgers come out. Yes, I am measuring time tragically. Bear with me.

This morning I was woken up by hearing Brad walking into the lounge and bursting into laughter, and I thought “oh yes, that’s right, he’s amused that my friend is sleeping there” and then I tried to get back to sleep in the hopes that he wouldn’t be there when I got up. But that didn’t work, so I drove him home in my pajamas. And then came home and Brad laughed at me some more. Meanie.

Dig my funky hair styles. Yes, I decided instead of going bright red, I’d get a cut and perm:

<!– Oh, by the way, I am officially not pregnant. I am relieved –>

Cool huh? I thought so. I know it’s a little radical, but hey.

Clayton is bringing his GIRLFRIEND over for dinner tonight, so she can meet his ‘parents’. Brad and I have been cackling wickedly and planning mischief which we won’t follow through on. I’d better go do the dishes and vacuum now. I’d hate to make a bad impression! Except of course, Si showed up today and is also coming for dinner, which is a bad impression right there. Heh.

Oh we need a new flatmate like super urgently last week. So, if you or anyone you know is looking for a flat in Auckland, please do email me. Ta!

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