Well, my peppermint tea is stewing, so yes, I will write an entry now. It’s strange, I used to always love writing my journal, but lately it seems a tiny bit forced, like I have to assure people I am actually still alive, no matter what I feel like. I don’t like appearing to be unchipper, you see. However, I can play a bit part anyways.

I had a shitty day today though, lots of little things being dumb. It got better, but still. It rained on me lots as I was walking to the bus stop. Sure, I’m not made out of sugar and I don’t exactly melt, but still, until the weather in Auckland gets better, traffic problems will never be solved. Then two of my eftpos cards got declined when I knew there was money in the account. Then a floppy disk full of pictures I needed for my rom wouldn’t work. Then the email of them that Thomas sent me wouldn’t come through. Then I spent six hours working on my rom. Which is always enough to put someone in a bad mood.

But then Thomas and I had a really yummy dinner at Mezze, even if I couldn’t keep it down, and then went for drinks with James, which was cool. One day I will go back to the Occidental and try their raspberry beer. And the Playhouse was cool too. Burger King was less so. And of course it sucked that I had no money. I hate owing people money. Even if it’s someone that owes me anyway.

Did I mention that it’s going to cost $94 to get my car window fixed? Or that my warrant is due on Friday? Or that my doctor still hasn’t got back to me with my all my test results from the first round of blood, and none of the results from the second? Did I mention that I’m going to Australia in 12 days? I am so so so excited about that. I’m sure Kini would be terrified if she knew exactly how much I am looking forward to seeing her again. But first I must do three assignments and an exam and oh yeah I failed my mass com essay, no suprises there really. Also I have to write a speech for Shirley’s 21st, which will be fun, and get her a birthday present.

It’s probably just as well that I have so much to do or I’ll go mad after Friday afternoon. Damn, I just caught the last bars of “Fade Into You”. If I could hear that now, maybe that’d unwind me. Or perhaps I should play “No Suprises”. Maree and I were watching a Radiohead video on Sunday, and I remembered my soup and blanket complex: I want to take Thom Yorke home, wrap him up in a blanket, wipe his nose and feed him lukewarm soup. I always fall for boys who seem to need taking care of. I prefer taking care of others than taking care of myself. Damn I’m tired. Can we watch Roswell now please?

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