Friday June 16th, 2000

There’s a little red balloon in my ICQ box, which must mean that it’s after midnight, and it’s now my birthday. Happy Birthday me. Yay me. Yay. The big two oh now. I can legally drink. Oh no wait, that’s 18 now. So I guess there’s nothing special about it. I’m feeling very old all of a sudden. Actually, I do feel a whole heap wiser too, so that’s a good thing.

Mum gave me a set of mixing bowls for my birthday, and a rubbish bin. Sure, they are very cool mixing bowls and rubbish bin, but….. well, I guess I am going to Australia partly funded by her, so we’ll forgive her. But next year, instead of having a breakdown, I will spend my time writing a complete list of what i want, like I normally do!

Turned in my final graphics assignments today, which was a biiiiig relief, even though it was fucking annoying trying to get them colour printed – Trumps wanted TEN DOLLARS to take them off a floppy disk, so I was just like “no”. So i printed them in black and white instead, let’s not talk about this anymore. Then I went shopping to get Shirley a birthday pressie, and I got her a pair of satin pajamas, and a travel/work overseas book. So hopefully she’ll like that.

This afternoon, Brad slept through Hollywood Squares, so we didn’t get to play. This means that the final score was 8-4 to me, wuha! We love our afternoon tele, oh yes we do. Then this evening, I was sitting around thinking maybe I should call Maree, but then I decided that she’d probably call. I tried to make a bet with Brad over whether or not she’d show up on our doorstep, but he wouldn’t accept my odds. Half an hour later, low and behold, she rang to say she was coming over, and we laughed lots. But she made us fudge later – no, not fudge packing. Apparently my mind is in the gutter, despite the fact that she calls me a “light horse” (as opposed to a dark horse, obviously). The fudge didn’t set, so we have to eat it off spoons.

I was going to go to the supermarket tonight, but Juice is back on. I discovered that by accident, and sat watching the music video that was on for a couple of minutes before I realised what i was doing. Then I started shrieking in joy, of course. But with the good comes the bad, and in this case, the bad is the news that Dawson’s Creek is going to be moved to Friday nights. There goes Tuesdays at Garland! Cos if we host people on fridays, then they’ll want more entertainment than a bowl of soup or stir fry. What’s a girl to do? Oooh I know! Leave the country for two weeks, and then the city for another two. Brilliant.

So, if I don’t write anymore tomorrow or sunday morning, miss me heaps. You can still email me, and I might be able to get it even. I will definately be online in Welly, and probably in Seedneey. Depends whether or not Kini ever lets me out of bed. Personally, I’m not too fussed – I just wanna sing Dusty Springfield! So yeah, don’t worry if there’s no new entries, it’ll just be cos I’m busy and not in the vicinity of the computer. I’ve handed in all my assignments, exams are over, I’m eating properly, I haven’t thrown up in a week, and the biggest stress in my life now lives in another city. I am doing so much better, and I expect to get even better still.

Hooray for everything!

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