My birthday

I just had the coolest sneeze. I think that was about as close to an orgasm as I’ll be getting. Brilliant!

Yes, it’s me. writing another journal entry. Oh wait, and yes, I’m drunk. It’s 4.20pm. It is my birthday though, so it’s okay. And the emails I have from livia going “yay, you’re lesbian rooting age now” are just testament to that.

My feet are SO cold, I really must find some socks. And maybe my hoody. I should also really pack. Ouch, my teeth. Fudge and bubbly do not mix.

Oh my god, nigel gave me magic sand, and it truely does not get wet! It is sooo soo cool. We all spent a lot of time marvelling at it over the remains of breakfast. It’s made by moose, hwo are probably most famous for Sea Monkeys. You can’t trade a cow for magic sand, you know! Clayton also woke me up this morning real early to give me my pressie from him and brad – geri halliwell’s book! I am so so stoked. AND they gave me a big bunch of flowers too, so yaaaay. Popular Kate, Justin and Maree gave me this soooo gorgeous sari

It was Maree’s idea, strangely enough. She knows me very very well. The card she gave me was a square one, with a picture of a girl and the word “cute” on it. EVERYONE gave me square cards, ti’s so weird. Oh wait, no, shirley didn’t. But everyone else did. Shirley gave me a nekkid man torso statue, as Inspiration, apparently. I think I would rather root someone with a head and arms and legs though, if I get a choice in the matter.

Lunch was goood, I can’t believe all the food got eaten, but that’s okay. Justin tried to make us drink five year old Bernadino, but it looked like morning piss.

I have to qwrite my speech for Shirley’s 21st still, and maybe start packing. But I dunno if I can be assed. YAY I am going tomorrow. Apart from my teeth hurting, i really do feel so much better today than I have in ages. I deserve this, this is a good thing. heh, I dumped thomas on my last birthday, which really does beg the question as to why we got involved again, but hey, oh well. Damn teeth, fuck up. If I want to drink more cheap bubbly, I bloody well will, and you can like it or lump it.

My hands smell nice like roses cos of the moisturized Penny gave me. I wonder if I should wear my sari tonight. What should I wear?: I really dunno. I really should go pack. And get off the phone line so more people can call me. Okay dokey!


Ooohj i wanna read my geri book!

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