The Fourth of July

If I can remember all the thoughts I had today, we’re in for a very long journal entry, as basically it’s just running commentary on all the music I listened to today. “It’s like reading a journal and having to imagine the soundtrack” – if you wanna get psuedo-gatecrasher-ad-y. Stand by.

There was a guy in the mail room this morning. That made me very happy because he carried my sack up to the fourth floor for me. Sure, I could have done it myself, but he offered, and I’d hate for him to feel unappreciated. Luckily, there was only one fairly large sack, but there was still the remains of the huge huge trolleyload I got yesterday. Ahh, fan mail! Well, that’s one of the things I pretended anyways. You see, I’m left alone all day at work, only occasionally bothered by one of the other temps returning forms to me, or my aunt popping by to say “how’s it going?” or people asking me directions to other people, which I can never tell them. I listen to my walkman all day, which means I’m constantly getting frights if people speak to me. But it’s okay, because my walkman has a digital tuner, so I can surf radio stations. Which I do. Incessently. I find that I’ve turned away from traditional guitar rock quite a lot. Last year I got really really into pop, and this year I was exposed to a lot more hip hop, both of which are more danceable, so that’s fun. Having said that, though, I’m now craving the new deftones album, and a perfect circle. I heard the new placebo song “Change your taste in men” (oh the irony!) and wet myself in anticipation of of their new album as well.

One song that’s currently being thrashed on Channel Z is the new eminemememem single “Stan”. It’s got a really catchy chorus, but the song itself is deeply deeply disturbing. Which is kinda cool – it’s not often that rap really makes you think. I’m going to listen to radio active more often. They play lots of good stuff. Lots of dub too, but hey, I can surf past that. I find myself sitting around laughing out loud and hoping I’m not gettign too many strange looks as radio djs do things like searching for mutton birds, and find out how to cook them. This morning on active, they had a psychic. I would have called him if I had a phone at my desk. And I’m sorry but I just find it very amusing when Coleman asked the young girl caller what she was wearing. At one stage of the day, “Blister in the Sun” was played, and I couldn’t help but start tapping my hands in time. I wish I had a private office so I could actually sing. I try not to dance in my chair too much, but sometimes I can’t restrain myself. Pop music is great, it makes me smile so much. Actually, i was smiling at all the sappy dumb love songs, very excited and looking forward.

Every time i stamped a form, which was literally hundreds of times, i’d look at the date – July 4th – and think “Independence Day, Independence Day”. And that put me in a really good mood. Stamp! Stamp! Stamp! Open, open open. Stack stack stack. Sort Sort Sort. digit digit digit Enter F8 F6. Being happy makes it easier. So does being half asleep. I had herbal tea in the morning (oh that reminds me, there must still be a half a mug of it floating around in my bedroom) and I didn’t have coffee until lunch, and I’d been up til 2am, so needless to say I was pretty zonked. I took an 80 minute lunch hour, and went to Tom’s to watch Sally Jessy Raphael. Yesterday I made him sit outside in the rain at lunch, so desperate was I to get out of the Sick Building Syndrome. Sally was really dumb, cos it was a clips episode – “the best good news ever” compilation. Damn the school holidays and the nessecary ‘g’ rating of daytime tele! We got to meet all of her crew though. The stage manager is SO her toyboy. One of their most memorable snippets was giving this “husky” boy a treadmill. Damn I’m envious!

Why does ‘husky’ mean fat? I thought it was like a word used to describe voices.

The afternoon at work was boring too. I’m gradually stealing all of Diz’s desk supplies to assemble yet more cardboard boxes to stack yet more forms into. I know i will very soon end up dreaming about these forms. I did last time I worked at the MOE. I crave juicy information, and they just don’t deliver. Oh, I did find out that my classics teacher, Mrs. Berryman has finally retired. One school sent subdivision plans back with its forms in order to appeal for more funding. One school had a teacher fired for lack of qualifications, and it said on the form “court case pending”. !!! That’s about as exciting as it gets. Otherwise, I silently rage against schools that fold their forms funny and disrupt my piles. I rejoice when people leave the insert c’s loose, and prefer it when they fill in the form by hand instead of attaching computer print outs. Just in case any of you are filling in school returns, please do those things, thanks! It’s nice to know I won’t be working here again next year – knock on wood. I plan on singing aloud the last day i’m here.

I’m sure I had more songs to talk about. Damn I really must make notes tomorrow. The good thing about Channel Z in wellington is that it is still better than the auckland one, even though the networking thing fucked up the playlists. However, the bad thing about it having better playlists is that it doesn’t play as much Creed. Everyone must know by now what a fetish Brad and I have for the song “Higher”. If you don’t believe how much fun it can be, the next time you hear it, place one foot up on a chair or similar object, make a fist and raise it in the air, and try to look constipated whilst singing along. You’ll soon have the knack. Then you too can amuse yourself and a friend by adopting the Creedstance whenever you need a lift. I was texting Brad a fair bit today, telling him about my tremendous idea for our next party theme. It’s a winner, it is.

Phoebe interviewed the bass player from Travis, and it was really funny. I wanna go see them in concert, so i must rustle up $55. And find a friend. Brad wants to go but is not sure he can afford it. I bed Justin could though. Maybe I could go with him. Mummy picked me up at five cos I was bored, and we went ot the supermarket together. She’s going away on Friday – I’ve made it one of my Wellington Goals to not fight with my father too much whilst she’s gone. Supermarket shopping with parental money is always fun, even though I found myself making comments like “that much meat would feed six of us” and “how can you buy that toilet paper???” One day I’m going to have a real job, and I’ll probably still be miserly. We’ll see.

This evening I was reading the Independant Herald (not the Auckland paper, but the local rag), when I stumbled across an article by “Dylan Thomsen, Sports Writer” and there was a photo too. Dylan! My god, I so wanna call him. I haven’t seen him in like ummm a year and a half, but I bet we’d still get on like a house on fire. But I dunno if I should call him or not, since i haven’t seen Sarah in that time either, and I believe that The Rules still apply. And even though I wouldn’t be making a play for Dylan, we just have heaps in common and he’s amazing to talk to, well, you know how it is.

I had Pioneer times again tonight. I went to have a bath, but because Mum had just had a shower, there was very little hot water. Mum suggested I go fill a bucket with hot water in the studio, because that’s on a different tank. So in my slip and nothing else except for a plaid shirt because I’m not completely stupid, I went out to that concrete bunker. It was very windy – if only Richard Davies had been in his garden, he would have got a Marilyn eyefull. Lucky he wasn’t really, I’m not a huge muff fan. Anyways, so I was in the studio for ages, rinsing out the bucket cos I didn’t especially want to bathe in the remains of glazes, before i realised that the water out there wasn’t fucking hot either. So grr. After waiting an hour for the hot water to come back, I gave up, and just smeared green shit all over my face instead. My skin feels nice now. And i’m wearing a flannel plaid shirt left over from fifth form, which is very cosy. And my kitty kat is sleeping on the sofa. It’s so nice having a cat about the place, just something to lavish affection on.

I was going to say other things. I can’t remember now. Oh, I was stoked when Abigail emailed me to explain who she was, cos that’s always cool. I’d type you out some more redbook but it’s downstairs somewhere, probably in my suitcase with all my mangled dirty clothes. What in the world am I going to wear tommorrow???? Oh the dilemas! I was excited to see that both of my Sydney bitches AND Justine had updated – it’s the little things that count! I drove the van again tonight, which I haven’t done since ummm January maybe? It felt really really strange. I kept reaching down to change gears but couldn’t. It actually moved when I turned the wheel, without having to strain big lots. But it makes funny chugging noises, and creaks and stuff, so I still prefer Inco. I hope Clayton is treating my baby right. I tried calling my flat tonight, but there was no one there. However, Maree’s now in email range again, which is a very good thing.

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