Wednesday July 5 2000

I wonder if I can convince my aunt to let me work new media hours, so that I don’t have to get up while it’s still dark. I mean, the MOE is pretty hip and onto it and all. I think it could be a viable idea….

I had to take a train in this morning, which was actually kinda fun, in a nostalgic kinda way. Some of my Auckland friends love trains, because they never had to take them all the time. I guess i prefer trains to buses any day though. Since the Fuel Cart has been moved, and I don’t know where to, I stopped off in the deli to get a coffee on my way in to work. I am so going back there again. Mmmm deli boys! I swear, chocolate covered coffee beans are the best ever pick-me-up pills.

I was very happy again at work today. Or rather, happy whilst at work. I got to train another temp today, because her minder wasn’t there yet, so they set her to opening my mail with me. The nice lad in the mail room carried my mail up again for me. It’s great big sacks worth, really! Ohhhh, I should have remembered that it was Horrible Wednesday and stayed at home this morning. You see, every wednesday, everyone in the Data Management section gathers to have morning tea together – and they gather around the tables that I’m working at. This means I can either keep working glued to my walkman, or try and socialise with them. I try to compromise, which means that when Diz or Maureen or Marie say “stop working and come and join us” I go “Oh, I’ll just finish these” and gesture vaguely, so that they think I’m refering to the small pile in front of me, rather than the actual eight boxes beside me.

So even though I’m sitting with my back to the group (I don’t turn it, that’s just what the layout of the furniture dictates), and I have my walkman in, I can’t help but hear their conversations about their lives – or rather, lack of them. They all strike me as the sort of people who go home from work to their beige houses, and boil vegetables before sitting down to watch gameshows – without a trace of irony, of course. I wonder if they’re actually alive. Have they ever danced in the rain? Travelled overseas, and then felt the adreniline rush as they fly into Wellington? Rolled down grassy banks in ball dresses, photographed themselves in front of every landmark between here and Auckland. Do they ever howl at the full moon, or fall head over heels in love with someone they have never met? Stood on an empty stage tingling in anticipation, danced wrapped in a stranger’s arms or marched for a case they believed in? Have they had oral sex in their dining room, given flowers fireworks and spice girl stickers to random store people? Cried until they were whimpering at the beauty in movies, drunk champange while bouncing on the bed in an expensive hotel room? Do they turn their favourite albums up loud and sing along with all of their friends, do they run up and down supermarket aisles laughing? Have they ever been left grazed and bruised by passion, have they ever been driven too fast by a driver they trusted? Have they picked up a child and stopped the crying, smoked pot on the steps of parliment, or woken up lying next to someone they loved? Surely their lives can’t be as drudging as they appear to be. They too must have their magic moments, where they feel the most alive.

My list of wonderings got a little longer than it was meant to be, because I started jotting down thoughts on an envelope at work today, and then I just kept listing things all day. Did I mention that I giggling again to myself all day? I almost feel like i’m marked out with a brand new light bulb glowing above my head or something. Strange, it’s like the anti-honeymoon or something. I wonder if i’ll come off this. I hope not. I’m reading a fantastic book right now called “Wicked” and it’s about the Wicked Witch of the West from the land of Oz. Only so far, she’s not a witch, she’s just a green teenage girl. It’s brilliant.

I don’t really have much else to say. It’s really really warm here in the lounge. So warm, in fact, that I subjected myself to Ally Macbeal, because my dad was watching it. I made Mum watch “Full House” with me today, and explained the Garland Gang connections with it. Then this evening, I rang the Garland Gang. Only Kate B and Brad were home, but that’s enough. Wait, I guess that is 66% of the people that live there, but I was expecting maybe Maree, or Kate M, or I dunno, lots of other people. Clayton’s in Warkworth, with Kara, OoOooOOooh! Brad and Kate B were all good, and i gave them instructions on how to search my paraphanalia drawers so that Kate can find bank accounts and set up rent payments. They both agreed that my party theme was brilliant. Kate said her and clayton are going to turn our anteroom into a disco. I’m impressed. I wanna go back to Auckland and see my friends!!!!! But I also need to stay here and earn money, and drink more coffee from the Deli. I wanna go to the all night finale of the Incredibly Strange Film Festival, but not by myself, and Karen doesn’t wanna go. I’m sure I used to have lots of friends in Welly! Oh wait, they all moved to Auckland.

Seven more days at the MOE to go. My other Wellington goals, along with gettign along better with my father are to keep my hands fully moisturized to minimise paper cuts, buying some eyeshadow from Napolean, spending some time with Karen, seeing both my grandmothers and oh yeah, that’s it. Cool, I’m doing okay. Well, I’ve made plans to see Oma and Karen, I carry moisturizer with me, and my father and I haven’t fought – yet.

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