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Monday, July 17, 2000

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I got cyberhead tonight, apparently. I laughed a lot. I heard Kate in the kitchen laughing at me laughing. She made me hot chocolate. What a good bitch! It’s nifty having her here. We cleaned the kitchen together, which later inspired the boys to start hanging our curtains. She made dinner, I made dessert. Fucking happy families, man.

I was just in the lounge, and I tried to provoke Clayton into a fight, because he was saying how all us are communication students now. One day, I would love to have an arguement with another com student, you see, to find out if they too go “I understand your viewpoint, but when you blah blah blah it makes me feel blah blah blah” and if they take both sides into account. Brad was like “alright, bring it on!”. He’s had a very exciting day today. When we were watching ‘Saved By the Bell’ today, Kate slung her legs onto my lap, and demanded a foot massage. So I found some foot balm and delivered, until she claimed I was tickling her too much. In exchange, I got a shoulder and neck rub that made me purr. Brad was sitting on the other sofa going “alrighhhhhht!’. He told Clayton about it later, and Clay asked if we’d taped it for him. Heh.

Also today i went to the bank and paid our rent. I’ve been listening to the deftones cd a lot, and Leigh’s been drip feeding me the new album. It’s great, listening to Angry Boy music, as opposed to Angry Girl music. I also made myself some new wallpaper. I discussed with umm Tom I think it was whether or not I could just hunt down my friends, cut off their heads and mount them on my wall, but I settled for just having their photos near to me.

Oh my god, Brad and I were looking for pictures of grizzly bears tonight, so he could put it on a tshirt, and I ended up telling someone on ICQ about our animal costume fetish. He sent us here. We just about died. Ooh ram me, big boy!

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