Thursday the 13th of July, 2000

From listening to the news all the time on the radio, I’m thinking that Eminem and Kim are the new Sid and Nancy. Or Kurt and Courtney even.

Yes, more rants from the back of an envelope. I’m even going to get up on my soap box for a minute. There’s a primary school called Ngarotonga Valley School somewhere in NZ. It has 46 pupils, and 43 of them are Maori, yet they only teach Taha Maori – as in singing a few songs every week. That makes me kinda mad, actually. The thought of people losing their own culture annoys me. I know I’m saying this from my smug white upper middle class perch, so that doesn’t give me as much credit. But I’m really annoyed that Mum denounced her Dutch heritage – I’d love to be bilingual. When I was in primary school, I felt a bit fuddled that we had to learn some Maori words, but later, I wished that I knew more. At my eighth grade graduation ceremony, I got to carry the NZ flag (cos there were no other NZers) and say “Hello and Congratulations” in my native language. I went with the Maori, getting Neil to write it for me, since he knows Maori (my parents know about five languages each). Of course, half way through, I forgot, so I made it up and only my parents realised, but I still thought it was cool to be able to expose people to something they hadn’t heard before. My parents said the people behind them thought I was speaking Aborigione. I think it’d be good if all NZers learnt at least a little Maori – nothing fucks me off more than people say “Mah-reigh”. Especially since it’s usually in the context of “those bloody mah-reigh bludgers”. I think everyone should also study a little NZ history too.

Okay, I’ll pass on my soapbox now. I heard “Anarchy in the UK” on the radio, and memories of trying to sing that at karaoke drifted back. Whoever let Olivia pick the songs anyways? Just because SHE was the only one sober enough to work the remote…. I also heard Skid Row’s “Eighteen and Life” and remembered singing that on the way to Oxford Street. I’m so pining for Sydney again. I’m also pining like mad for my flat, where I can drink when I wanna drink, and not have fights about dishes and dishwashers and mess.

TempBoy was back at work today, and he gave me a huge smile and wave when I got in. So I was happy. He wasn’t sitting right next to me though, he was sort of a walkway over, at a computer. And we were both firmly plugged into our walkmen. Still, he was kinda in my line of sight, so I had to not stare. When i went to see Tom at lunchtime, he suggested I should lick envelopes all suggestively while staring at TempBoy. I suggested that since I’m opening envelopes as opposed to sealing them, licking them would look very suspicious and brand me a freak. He said that was a better way to get attention. Needless to say, I did not lick any envelopes. I’m convinced now that there’s another guy in the office that’s stalking me though. I think there’s a guy at work stalking me. I’d never seen him before yesterday when he started talking to me, asking me what I was listening to and stuff, for absolutely no reason, because I was just working away ignoring the world. And it’s just not natural to interupt someone like that, when they’re sitting with their back to you and everything. Then today when someone found a cellphone at work, and I said it wasn’t mine, he said “so it wasn’t your mother calling you just before then” and I was like what the fuck, how do you know that my mother calls me on my cellphone, and it was just very strange.

What else? Oh, a quote from the forms underneath the signatures gap: “Wrongful claims for Public Monies can be an offence under the Crimes Act 1961 and the Public Finance Acts 1977 & 1989”. Fascinating, huh? I was told today that I am a homewrecker, but luckily the boy who said that was joking. I wouldn’t want to wreck homes. Karen came over for dinner tonight. She read through my list of Things that I want in a man and she was ranking pretty highly on the criteria, eh. Although admittedly, she wasn’t too keen on anything sexual. Man, sisters are so picky these days!

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