I found this ad in the personals today:

Two Euro guys 25, 32 seek NZ ladies for marraige. Future shows more. stichas@hotmail.com 025 611 7158.

Naturally, Brad and I couldn’t resist, so we sent them off this email:

At sixteen years old, I consider myself to be a very mature young woman. That is why I would like to meet with you and discuss marriage. I want nine children and a farm on the Hauraki Plains. I will mend your clothes and make your food, and occasionally you will be rewarded ;). Things I am looking for in a man include a hairy chest, the ability to make me laugh, and Sky Digital Television. It would help if you played rubgy and enjoyed fishing. My interests include Swedish massage, building matchstick houses, and playing bingo. I also enjoy gardening, knitting and children. My musical idols are John Rowles and Patsy Rigger and the Howard Morrison Quartet. I enjoy reality tv, and was thinking maybe we could put our marriage on the Weddings Program if you are agreeable. We would need an idea to make us different of course, so maybe we could get married naked or jumping out of a plane. Perhaps we should get married in a big matchstick church. I hope you don’t think I am being too forward by already planning our wedding, it’s just that I have this feeling that we are soulmates and destined to be together. I am an Aquarius you see, so I am very in touch with the spirits.

Please write me back immediatly, I look forward to your response!


Which brings me to my next point – how do people have relationships on IRC when people have such dumb nicknames? I mean, Astrid was a GREAT name. But there were many bad ones. Actually, I’ll go over this one later, I just wanted you all to consider marrying someone from the Personals.

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