I cleaned and tidied my room today, completely and utterly and thoroughly. See? Welll, if I put in a webcam image here, you could, maybe. We’ll see.

Oooh, I DID put one in. Damn I am nice.

I was cleaning and covered in dust from crawling under the bed when Kate came home and told me to get dressed cos we were going to D72 for bagels and smoothies. So I did put on some clothes, and we did go to D72, but I didn’t have a bagel or a smoothy. Instead I had a quesadilla. I thought that it was supposed to be pronounced “kay sah dear” but Kate told me it was something else. So when the waiter asked what I wanted, I pronounced it half way between what I thought and half way between what Kate thought, and the waiter was like “I won’t repeat that to you because it’s actually pronounced “kay sah dear” and you’ll think I’m being patronizing” so I was like “I KNEW IT!” and Kate explained that it was all her fault. Which was good. He was nice and let her have both smoked salmon AND bacon with her eggs benedict, and later complimented her on her hat. Then he was like “your banadana is nice too” just so I wouldn’t feel left out. Uh oh, now I’ve mentioned that I was wearing a bandana, you might have an image of like, bon jovi in your head, but it’s not like that! It’s different! We tipped him $5. Hospo people are so much more inclined to tip, I have discovered. And I’m like a wannabe hospo person. We had a big discussion about tipping with Brad the other day, I think, but I’m too tired to reiterate it.

“Tired” – actually I’m baked. Baked like vegetable lasange that Kate made? Almost. Baked but not as dry as the brownies I baked. And not as brown as the chocolate vodka I made but didn’t bake. Unless it was like antibaked. I don’t know why our zabaglione didn’t fluff properly. Probably not the right kinda beater. In fact, I’m sure it wasn’t. If I had stronger wrists, I could have done it with the whisk, but my wrists aren’t that strong. I’m glad I’m not a boy, cos I just would not have the wrist stamina to jack myself off.

Oh! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before the evening, in fact, right after Kate and I had fin ished our leisurely lunch and vege shop, we moved my furniture around:


It looks weird now, but there’s so much floor space Brad and I planned to play soccer in it before he absconded off to Kate M’s. My bed is also against a wall now, which is good. I might not even have to rig up the system of strings to tie to Kate’s big toe after all. She said that I should go and sleep with her if I was lonely, but I’ve had enough of slipping into the back room to crawl into bed with people to last me a lifetime, so I said she should come and sleep with me instead. Hence the string, as a notification system. We read a picture book just like that in primary school.

I had to explain the story to both Brad, and then later Justin when he came over. How is it that people didn’t read all the same picture books as me when they were kids? Crazy! Justin came over while Kate and I were making zabaglione, and even though Brad wasn’t home, he stayed anyways. Kate and I smoked a pipe or two, and then we played Charades. Justin yelled at us when we couldn’t guess his things because we were laughing too much.

We thought Tahalula had run away this afternoon, and we were all upset, but it turns out she’d burrowed her way into the sofa.

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