homage in tha house, reprazentin’ for my homey j-phunk as she appreciates her own pajamas. there must be a reason, yo, why joanna’s queen of her castle. so tha vida loca joanna been livin’, why, it been sum crazy shit.

i just back from harrison ford and witnessin’ that shit first hand. lemme get my dan rather on, report sum tha shit goin’ down Joannaside.

(1) tha throwing to tha bed of clayton. this be not just any ordinary throwing to tha bed, but some monumental, gett’n-it’s-monolith-in-2001-on-with-tha-level-of-monumentalness shit we be talkin. joanna be throwin’ that biznitch down like she was God, dig, and he was lucifer, thas how amazing this throwing to tha bed of clayton was.

(2) tha owning of many different types of vodka. joanny don’t just own her some vodka, biznitch got more flavors than motherfucking ben and jerry got… um… flavors. well, three actually, but it’s some principle involved here, nigga.

(3) the working for of a $54 million dollar a year company. that shit, that be some mister ed shit, dig? mufug speaks for itself.

(4) tha knowing of kate (b), whose birthday is today (the 27th). it’s a rare and wondrous thang, dawg, to know someone whose birthday it is, or leastways it is if you know as few people as does joanna.

that be my wordz o’ widsom for tha night. y’all stay black, word to yo’ momma.

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