Look, I’m finally writing my own journal entry! Like, not getting tom to do it. This is a momentuous occasion, folks. Sure, there’s drinks in me, but when is that a change?

It’s Kate B’s 20th birthday today, making this the 15th birthday she’s had since I’ve known her. And I’ve celebrated all but her 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th birthdays with her (she was at MY 15th). This is cool. We’ve been sitting on her sofa outside on the patio and I smell of her cigarettes, but we just had good talks and stuff, and it was cool. Our current mantra is that we’re so much better off not in relationships, especially after this little inncident we witnessed tonight, but umm oh where did that thought take me?

Classes today, ragey ragey. I must learn Flash4. Was it one class or two? Two I think. Nick has switched into Instructional Design, which is good. He thought he had a magic internet login which never depleted, but I spent like $2 of it checking emails. I love Kini. I had berrylicious today, in an attempt to feed myself nutrients. I also made vegetable curry for dinner, packed full of vege goodness.

OH MY GOD I WANT ROBBIE SO BAD! I don’t ever remember lusting for a celebrity to this extent that I sit in pools of my own drool. Pacey maybe, but Robbie more so. His TV special was on tonight. I pissed myself when he was freestyling during ‘Rock DJ’ – “blah blah blah, do I like sodomy? I dunno, probably” no thanks robbie, but I’ll just have you anyways okay? Cool.

After Robbie, Clayton drove me and him into SPQR (I would have driven only there’s chocolate vodka in the freezer). That was a somewhat scary experiance. But we made it there eventually, and found Kate (B), Marisa and her b/f John. We got a table, but decided to wait until Brad and Kate M showed up before we ordered dessert. Instead, we had drinks and then wine. It was cool. We went to SPQR for Kate’s last birthday too. Last year she told everyone the best in the west comment, and so i had whole tablefulls of people laughing at me. This year we made a pact to never hassle each other about anything mean we did to each other in the past, ever again. But then we decided that was boring so we ditched it.

Clayton took my car home, and the pressie him and brad gave to Kate (a bottle of baileys and glasses). I should SO be a celebrity shopper when I grow up, man. I always have the best gift ideas, fuck I’m massive. Marisa drove me and Kate and John to the Casino. Turns out though that Kate didn’t have any formal id (ie drivers licence or passport) so they wouldn’t let us in, no matter how much we wheedled or John offered them “Shindigs” in proof. So we stood around in the car park plotting our next move. I suggested we go back home and just drink there, as there was everything anyone could want at our house. John didn’t believe me. He was like “I bet you don’t have umm…… a pink elephant”. You should have heard me whoop and cheer and clap my hands like Shirley as I told him that we actually DID. So that was that then, and we went back to Garland, via Foodtown for red wine.

Back at our house, Marisa and I played Snap – she won. We were both moderately agressive, but not too bad. I was told that you’re supposed to keep your hand flat, and not in a fist. Oh. Then we played the famous name game, where you have something stuck to your forehead with someone’s name on it. I won. I was Ewen Macgregor. Then shit went weird, and John and Marisa went home.
Kate and I went to sit on the couch on the patio and stroked Tahallulah, and had deep and meaningfuls. Kats – wait, Cats are so theraputic. Stroke stroke stroke. I feel more than a little drunk now. I guerss I should go curl up in bed. but it’s like, big and shit, and yeah. Ooh, pearls in my hair, must take them out. Party on saturday, and I am trez excited. Hands tingling, which is why you DON”T mix vodka and red and white, unless you’re dumb like me. Blaaaaargh cigarette smoke smells yucky. My net connection is being dumb tonight. I guess you get what you pay for.

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