August 2, 2000

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000

When I turned on my computer before, it was so cold that my mouse was strobing because of my shaking hand. I’m a tad warmer now, but my ass is still cold. But anyways. Did you see my party photos? People on my mailing list probably did already. Plug plug plug.

I had someone else sleeping in my bed last night, except this time it was a cat. Tahallulah purrs and purrs and purrs, which is very sweet, but a little like sleeping with a lawn mower. In the morning, she kept putting her paw down my t-shirt like she was after something but trying to be subtle. Kate had warned me about that phememoenoemeon actually. Kate and I are both enjoying living with another girl. It’s like the gossip never ends! Which is very very cool.

I went into Static 100.4 today to be Brad’s Sticky Beak (complete James Coleman & Phoebe rip-off). So I read some made-up gossip, had witty reparte, and did Creedwatch. What’s Creedwatch, you ask? Let me paste in my script, and then you will see!

CreedWatch – We’ll take you higher

And now for the latest news on the band carving a new niche in the saturated grunge market…..

Creed’s video “Higher” where the concept appears to be The Matrix meets the Cruxifiction is up for “best rock video” at the MTV video awards. The video has also been included in the new series of Pop Up Video, which is due to screen in on August 8th in the US. Hopefully it will reach our shores soon, so that the Creedstance (leg raised, clenched fist and constipated look) can become as treasured a national stance as the haka.

For more information, don’t forget to consult Creed’s website – Check out the band’s bio to read such lavish descriptions of their music as:

The intensity comes through in more subtle ways as well, as in the plaintive tone of the album’s first single, “Higher,” which finds Stapp seeking refuge from the rigors of the outside world, as his bandmates erect a majestic wall of riffs to ring his discourse.

I’m Joanna with Creedwatch. Thanks Brad.

Of course, the fact that I’m wearing a Lion Red Tshirt today:

I won it at the Cock & Bull last night. The Garland Gang, minus Clay but plus Kate M (and natch including Maree) did Quiz Night. We did okay. We had fun. We drank pints. I won a spot prize and we cheered for that. It dragged on a little long though. Next time we plan on being drunker.

What else today? Home cooked meal, for the first time in ages. Supermarket shopping with Clayton. Montieths. Sitting around the dining room table gossiping about Kate because she was at work, so we could. (Don’t get paranoid Katie, I’m just hassling you). Nipple discussions. Buffy. Kate and I had slipped the lewd photographs taken in Clay’s bedroom into his photo frames whilst he wasn’t looking. He was very impressed. My hands are cold. Kini and I don’t want no chips. She’s gonna come to Justin’s 25th birthday party, which he’s having @Garland (we’re like an official venue now). He’s inviting Brendan Lovegrove as payment. Heh.

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