Sunday the ummm 30th? of July anyways. I’m cold, 2000

It was a long night turned into morning polishing off the rest of the vodkas and also a not insubstatial amount of brandy given that I’d been drinking for about 12 hours at that stage. And then there were apparently hairy legs, and limbs akimbo, and tattoos, and pink duvet covers and stuff. I woke up just a little bit before Maree knocked on my door and came into my room, and I tried my damndest not to laugh because the boy was hiding under the covers. Maree was like “why does your room smell of cigarette smoke?” and I told her it was because I had smoke in my hair left over from hanging out with Kate Benton while she’d been smoking.

A little later, I went to lie on the couch in the lounge, as an extra in some little mini movie thingie that Clayton’s making. It takes place after a party – crazy! He did close ups of me sleeping, which was scary. I feel so hip and bohemian, living with film makers. Really. Then we had wendys. Mmmmmmm wendys. But it still didn’t correct me, so I went and had a shower and went to bed for ages. I’m scared to go out into the rest of the house although it’s freezing in here – my windows are open to get rid of the smokey smell. Brad and Clay were filming all day, and now Brad’s at his parents’ and Kate is in Waiuku, so no one would have cleaned, and I don’t wanna do it. I will at some stage i guess. When Shirley stops sending me angry text messages. Heh. I’m so glad Trudie came to the party last night. And other people too. Clayton found green jelly in his rubbish bin today, and is very confused. We didn’t tell him how it got there. Man, I’m so looking forward to getting my pictures developed. Except my flash didn’t go off for half of them, so there’s at least three non flashed photos of Clayt and Kara on the “scoring couch”. We put signs up around the house. There was a “Slappers’ Corner” but the little girls didn’t wanna stand in it. Well actually we didn’t ask them to, just pointed and laughed.

I’ve been giggling like mad all day, which is very amusing, because it’s driving the boys absolutely mad. They thought I was on drugs. They probably still do. I just find a lot of humour in a lot of situations. I’m kinda easily entertained. Which is a good thing. Of course, the boys are so un-nosey I almost wanna shake them sometimes, because it disturbs me that people can be that polite.

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