August 4th 2000 – Friday

J: i need to redo my links page

O: YOU BETTER FUCKING WELL LINK ME. and first! i want to be first!

K: nono! me first k comes before o

J: maybe I should do a java scripty thing

O: what EVUH

J : so that one of you comes up first at random

K: narky comes before woos

O: kini, joanna, you must both update now

K: yes mum.

J: but I have nothing to say! have YOU updated, oh? I’m the most frequenter

O: YES i can’t be fucked updating i put that pic up, that should be enough

J: hahahahaha I UPDATE ALL THE TIME I did flash for you!

K: it was cool, btw

J: thanks I did it in 15 minutes. i watched it for much much longer not that I was stoned or nuffing

K: obviously i want to BE you.

J: i so love youse guys I wanna move to seedney just so i can hang wid choo

K: nah, you want to move to sydney so you can have wild monkey sex with blake.

J: on the side, sure but he’d just be my fuck toy


J: my secret directories are just pr0n. I’m jorunally. journaling even without writing anythting either

K: you’re so clever!

O: that’s why she’s princess.

I love you guys! Goddam what a kiss ass I am. And I can’t believe Pacey and Jen weren’t in DC AT ALL tonight. Maybe next week will be an hour of them fucking? Hopefully?

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