August 6, 2000

Sunday August 6th, 2000

Happy Birthday, Karen. Shit, my sister’s been alive for a quarter of a century. My god. And I guess it’s only five years for me until I’m that age too. Scary. I think I decided when I was about 17 that I’d be settled down and thinking babies by the age of 26. I’ve still got a fair while to go though.

Anyways. I was lying in bed awake this morning anyways cos Tahallulah had been mewing for food, so I’d fed her and stumbled back. I’m sure there was an earthquake too, so I was fairly jumpy when I was scared out of my shell by someone knocking on my window. I opened my window to see Maree standing there grinning. She asked me if I had someone in my bed again, and when I said no, she went around to the front door and let herself in. So we made some lemongrass and ginger tea, and went and sat in/on my bed again, because it was much warmer than the rest of the house. We talked for a little bit, enjoying the lovely tea, and then Kate rang and asked me to go pick her up. So I did. I took her car, which is lots of fun to drive. The pedals are real delicate, so I rev it too much, usually. Which is fun. And it’s got power steering and is really comfortable to drive. And stuff. It’s marvellous what a $4000 difference in the price of cars will do.

Why wasn’t I driving my own car, you ask? Because some fucker broke into it. Again. Like just over two months after the last time someone smashed the back window. Luckily I’m just a weee bit more stable now than I was then. I think I might just leave my car unlocked from now on. There’s nothing in it to steal, and that’d save me $90 a window each time. Or I could put a sign on my car saying “Hey, instead of smashing the window, come and knock on our front door and I’ll let you into it, and prove there’s nothing there worth doing the damage for”. Or I could get a car alarm. Or something. Grrr.

Kate and I got foodage on the way home, and the Gang all had lunch together, which was lovely. We talked Anteroom transformations, and decided we need to hire a skip to clear out all our crap and dead trees and stuff. I made a lot of phone calls. The cheapest we can get is $85. I dunno if that includes gst or not.

I finally found out I got paid $846 by the MOE. I guess that’s after tax. I’m happy about that. It’s not enough to get me to Sydney and back though – not covering all my expenses as well it’s not. Everyone should email kini and peer pressure her to come HERE and see me. Ooooh, Maree said she reckons I’ll end up moving to Sydney. I’m not entirely sure why though. I think I’m quite happy to stay here in Auckland now. My god, three years ago, I never would have said that! Then again, three years ago, there’s quite a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have said.

I redid my links page. What a load of dramas were involved there! The idea of it rotating is a) so that no one comes first and b) so that I could play with Flash some more. Me being the shit hot web designer that I am and all! It’s arsey, but it’s MINE.

It being sunday afternoon and all, I was just watching the Smokefree Stage Challenge on TV. I wanna be back in school! I wanna do more productions and stuff. Grown up theatre just doesn’t appeal as much. I wanna wear sparkley stuff and crawl around hissing again. If anyone reading this is still in high school, get involved! Honestly, you’ll thank yourself so much for it later on. I’m bored. Clay’s out, Brad’s out, and Kate’s asleep. I must fill in time until Grosse Point Blank is on tonight. Love that movie. I guess I could start my Flash assignment. Or do the mock up of the NSCC site. Or start Clay’s party invites that he thinks won’t take me very long except that they so will. Garland’s looking very social in the next couple of months. First up there’s Clay’s 21st – he’s hiring a movie theatre. Then Justin’s having his 25th here (old man!), then there’s Halloween 2; the Sequel, and finally Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus I think Kate has a few ideas cooking too. Her and I are going to have a cook-off sometime. It’ll be fun. Clayton is supposed to be bringing us home an old video camera sometime as well so we can start a flat video diary. We’ll make our own television, dammit!

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