August 22b, 2000

Monday August 22nd, 2000

So, around 5pm, I was looking very good, and Brad still wasn’t home. Clayton stressed out a little, but not much. Brad finally made it home and sprinted through the house changing. We were running too late to take a bus into town, so we decided one of us would have to drive in. (The original plan was that me and the boys would bus in to go to the movie, and then Kate would drive in and meet up with us for dinner). Brad and I argued over who’s car to take (I didn’t want to drive, but I iddn’t want to say that) so with a “which hand are the keys in?” decision, we were going to take his. Except that there was still broken glass all over his back seat, whereas the lovely Greenlane Glass people had vaccumed mine out, so I ended up driving. Which I was a little grumpy about, since there was free alcohol at the movie preview, but that’s okay, I could still have one glass of red.

The movie “What Lies Beneath” was actually quite good, even though it was a little slow moving at first. Except that Michelle Pfifififer was looking just like Ally Macbeal, which annoyed the shit out of me, really. We decided that when we’re all really rich and all still flatting together, we’re going to have a theaterette in our house. And hopefully Superette will perform at the opening of it.

After the movie, we decided we’d drive home to pick up Kate, and then she could drive us to wherever we decided we were going to go. Going home also meant that Clayton could open his stack of gifts. We gave him the midori first, and he was happy. We gave him the waffle maker and he was estatic. Then we gave him the other parcel. He pulled out the scarf first, and realised what was going on. He tried to protest that he’d need four of them, until Brad and I pointed out that we’d practiced tying each other up in Farmers (I told you it was a fun shopping trip) and that one scarf was enough to tie someone’s wrists together. He liked the candles, and said he already had some massage oil. He appreciated the sherrif handcuff set. And oh my god did he ever blush when he saw the book. We just about died laughing at/with him, it was fantastic.

Brad and I went to the kitchen and had shots of brightly coloured liquers while the other two fluffed about getting ready and making phone calls. We finally settled on going to Denny’s, because everyone was broke and Clayton could eat for free. Of course, we had to go get petrol first, and Kate decided she’d take it upon herself to teach me how to do it. However! She shouldn’t have bothered, because she didn’t even know how to make it stay in without holding it, so I had to keep pumping. Yes, the Gang thought it sounded seedy too, believe you me.

There was weird stuff going on on the motorway, so we had to take some far out roundabout way to get to Pakuranga. OH MY GOD there’s a 24 hour Big Fresh in Mt. Wellington. That is SO our next port of call next time we’ve been smoking pot. Pakuranga is a weird weird place. The roads are so wide, and empty, and there’s all these bright lights – it’s fucking Las Vegas, that’s what it is! Kate nearly crashed my car into the truck in front of us cos she was talking to clayton – luckily I screamed in time to stop her.

We decided as we pulled into the parking lot at Dennys that we’d pretend like we were double dating, just to fit into the whole cheese americana theme nicely. Kate was with Brad, and I was with Clay, because that’s who we happened to be walking next to. So we held hands and looked all coy. Kate asked the waiter for a booth, and whispered all conspiratorily to him “we’re double dating tonight” and we all pretended to be nervous. I asked the waiter what the birthday special was, and he jumped into the booth, put his arms around me and was like “I’m the present”. I was like, “well, actually it’s HIS birthday, but thanks” and he was like, very camp – “ooh, that’s even better for me then”. Just in case you’re wondering, the birthday meal deal at Dennys is that if it’s your birthday, and you can prove it (ID), you either get a free main and soft drink, or a free set three course. So Clayton opted for the steak. Kate and i had burgers, and Brad had a BLT. We also very hurriedly ordered a bottle of wine. Yeah I know, we should have been having filter coffee instead, but alcohol seemed like a much better idea.

Clay and I announced we were going steady, despite the fact that Kate and I were making eyes at each other. We were wondering if Brad was going to give Kate his letter jacket. Things escalated when we found out she was having his baby, especially when she announced that it might be Clayton’s. There was yelling, there was crying, Clayton slipped under the table because he said he was embarrassed at how loud I was laughing, until I pointed out that he looked far more suspicious down there. Then we decided to put the roleplaying away for a while.

The food was very very standard diner fare, and they charged us for mayonaise for our fries. But it was fun to be somewhere that tacky, and we occupied ourselves trying to decide what to take with us as souveniers. Hence the scan. I hope I’ve scanned it (I’m writing this at tech as I wait for Mansfield to approve our group meeting. What a waste of an hour and a half). Then we decided it was time for Brad to take us on a Pash Tour, since we were out east in his territory. Our bill came to $46, including a $17 bottle of wine, which was pretty good, since we were all full. And the atmosphere! Clayton reminded the waiter that he hadn’t been given his birthday present yet, and the waiter was like “well I have to work!” His shift finished at 7am, so we said we’d go back for him. (We lied). We drove off before we realised that Kate had left her scarf behind, so Clay went back in to get it. Apparently he embarrassed himself.

So yeah, off we went to explore the wilds of Bucklands Beach. Brad took us up to some parking point, and was like “look at the view!” – we just said ti was dark. But apparently it’s nice by day. We drove past his house, and he went to see if his parents were still awake, but they weren’t, and he refused to break into his garage to get us some coruba (his dad works for). Not a team player! Then we went to some park to Frolick. Him and Clay ran off across a field, so Kate and I rushed back into the car and drove away up the street for ages. Then we decided we’d probably best go back for them, not just cos we didn’t know the way home. So, Kate switched off the headlights and tried to drive as quietly as possible. I saw the boys slink out of some bushes and run after us. We were going pretty slowly so they were able to catch up and started banging on the windows. I was doubled over in my seat laughing so hard, so it took me a while to realise that Brad somehow managed to open the back door and jump in while the car was moving. But the banging continued, and then all of a sudden I saw hands in front of the windshield, so I started screaming “oh my god oh my god oh my god clayton’s on the roof of the car!” and it was all a bit much, really. Eventually I managed to convince Kate to come to a slow stop so that Clay could get off my car roof and get in. Everyone was a little over excited, I suspect.

It was SUCH a good night, except that now I have a big bruise above my breasts from where Clayton’s shoulder rammed into me when we were playfighting back at home. Well, there’s not actually a mark, so maybe it’s just internal. But it still hurts like fuck anyways. However, that pain is the price I am prepared to pay for such frolicking high jinkly fun.

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