August 22, 2000

Monday August 22nd, 2000

Happy birthday Clayton! I just got back from Saint Lukes, where Brad and I went to buy him birthday presents. We went via Liquor King to get him some Midori first, and Brad’s workmate was like “that’s a bit of a strange drink for a tuesday afternoon”. Once we got to the actual mall, we went to Bennetts the bookshop first, and it took us a while to find the sex books, (“think it’s in the cooking section brad?” “how about Nature?”). They were on the very bottom shelf under the pregnancy section, which I thought was funny, because surely it should have been the other way around? But anyways, so we had to crouch down to pick one, and basically, we ended up giggling our heads off like little school children “ooooh it’s got pictures!!!!” We eventually settled on the Pocket Kama Sutra and Brad made me go pay for it while he lurked pretending to be embarrassed in the sports section.

Then we went and got Clay some massage oil from the Body Shop, and had it scented with “Activist” perfume. The $2 shop yeilded candles and handcuffs, and we got a scarf/”soft ropes” in Farmers. We’re too good to him, really. And to Kara too. Although maybe she wouldn’t have appreciated me saying loudly in Glassons “She’s a glassons girl – it’d match her outfit to tie her up with a glassons scarf”. But every girl everywhere in NZ wears at least one glassons piece a day.

When we were in the car driving back, Brad got out the book and started reading it aloud. As I was driving along the motorway, he was like “jesus, look at that – that’s impossible”. I yelled at him for trying to cause traffic accidents, but then I had to look too. I was like “oh no, that’s not that bad really” and he just gave me this completley flabberghasted look, and I was like “Bradley! I’m teasing!”. So I dropped him off in town, and he instructed me not to read it whilst driving. So I waited until I got home. And now I will go and giftwrap everything – in newspaper I guess. But I bought A GENERIC BRAND OF ADHESIVE TAPE THAT DELIVERED FULL STICKY SATISFACTION TO ME!

Clayton managed to get us all free tickets to some movie tonight “what lies beneath” I think, and there’ll be free alcohol, which is a good thing. And then I guess we’re going to Denny’s. Wahoo!

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