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Tuesday August 29th, 2000

I’m too lazy to plug in my scanner, but I did wanna show you my marvelous pen that I got today. But then again, I’m too lazy to find it too, but do believe me, it is cool. I went to some Macromedia conference thing today. Well, I’m not entirely sure what it was. Conference, seminar, infomercial, or something. You can go here and it might tell you what it was. They gave us the pens. I was hoping for a tshirt that said “FLASH!” across it, but I didn’t even get a coffee mug.

My morning started a bit badly, as things do when it’s not even 7 o’clock and you’re up, and was threatening to get worse when Kate told me she wasn’t going in straight away having fallen asleep while working on her seminar, so I thought I had to run to catch a bus. But then it was sunny, so I mellowed out. I’d arranged to meet Andrea and Karen at some place called the Bakehouse Cafe at 8am. The cafe was really nice, although the name was funny for me since I used to work in a place called The Bakehouse Gallery. Anyways, Nick and Jeremy and Helen and Charlotte were there too, so that was cool, we went off enmass. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from it, or what kind of crowds I was expecting to be there. We were trying to spot the biggest nerd, but we gave up because there was this guy with the most amazing mullet ever, and he just took all our titles. I was dozing off in the first part of the presentations, and so my loving friends kept hitting me. Meanies.

But then they gave us morning tea! We’re so going to start hanging out at the Aotea Centre more often to see what we can gatecrash. I was more intrigued by later presentations. Dare I say I’m even feeling a tad more inspired now? Well, it was fun learning about new features in Dreamweaver. The guy doing the presentation was fantastic, a real Tony Robins. When he gesticulated with his feet together, he looked like a Backstreet Boy. He made fun of programmers, and did his own sound effects (whooshes and clicks mostly) for every exciting thing he did. He kept tossing out Flash Balls to the audience, especially to girls he thought were cute. I was sitting at the back, so I guess he didn’t see me. Flash balls light up when you bounce them. I don’t think they do anything on the Internet. He talked about “sticky websites”. And magnetic ones too, but that doesn’t sound as funny. Some guy from Apple did a slide show too. What the HELL is a gigaflop? I mean, I guess it’s some big measurement of speed processing or something, but that word is just wrong wrong wrong. They didn’t give us lunch, but they did give us afternoon tea. And purple and black jellybeans. And cds of stuff – skite demos I imagine. They gave away software in a draw too, but I didn’t win. Still, it was fun. But I don’t think I will be purchasing any Macromedia software anytime soon. I tried to convince someone to go halves with me on the $1000 ultradev, because you got two free macromedia coffee mugs with it, but apparently my friends don’t keep that kinda spare change in their pockets.

During the day, I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize going “so quoted in the herald now huh” and I was like “what the fuck?” so I texted that person back (except I got the # wrong) going “um, say what? who are you?”. When I got home, I picked up the Herald, and discovered that actually, it was true. You can read it here. It’s really nothing much, but hey. Despite the fact that they were quoting my journal, they didn’t bother putting my URL in. What bad journalism!

After the thingie was over at 5pm, I went to Global Sandwich and hung out with (Kate) Morrison for about half an hour, cos she said Brad was on his way down. So I took the bus home with Brad eventually, babbling about the Tony Robbins guy. I was soooooo tired when I got home, I just sat in the lounge not saying anything. But then we had to go supermarket shopping. Brad’s car is still at the garage, and Kate decided she was oging out swimming, which meant I was driving. Or rather, I would have been, if Clayton had turned off my headlights last time he drove my car. Mmm. So I called the AA, and the guy came and jump started me about five minutes later (we live just up the road from an AA base, luckily. Then I drove out of our street, and up the road a fraction, when my car stalled stopping at the lights. Now, that’s not an unusual occurance, because it often stalls at night when I’ve just started and it’s cold. However, it wouldn’t start again, it was totally dead. Luckily I could roll it down the hill in reverse and off to the side of the road. Then of course, my cellphone wouldn’t work, and brad and clay didn’t have theirs on them, so I walked home to call the AA man again. We got a different guy, and this one informed me that there was something wrong with my battery charger or something, and that it’ll probably cost up to $400 to fix. This a minute after I’d been mocking brad needing $500 worth or repairs to his car, going “hey, that’d buy a third of mine”. (Karma!). So that AA man charged me up completely for like ten minutes, but just to be on the safe side, I decided we’d go for a bit of a spin on the motorway before doing the shopping. Brad was like “Let’s go to Hamilton” and I said okay. We were just about at Manuwera when he was like “you know I was joking don’t you?” and I was like “don’t you know I always call everyone’s bluffs, Bradley?” But I didn’t have enough petrol, so we turned around and went to Big Fresh in Mount Wellington.

Goddam what a skanky hole it was! I mean, Big Fresh in general is skanky, but this one was all run down and stuff as well – although I guess it does get props for being 24 hours. But I just felt so….. lower class shopping there. I love our Foodtown Greenlane, I really do. However, we DID manage to buy an 18 pack of toilet paper at Big Fresh. This means, apparently, that we can do a whole lot of shitting. Or play that game where you stick toilet paper up your arse and light it (I’m so glad Kate spent a year in Dunedin!). Or we could tp someone’s house. The possibilities are endless.

I should stop listening to Placebo because it makes me want to take drugs that I haven’t taken before.

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