sugar do do do do do do ahhh honey honey do do do do do do ahh sugar sugar

Thursday August 30th, 2000

I am so so so so so so wired right now, so excuse me if I babble. I haven’t slept in like 36 hours, except for a two hour nap last night. Last night I was up late “helping kate” with a website assignment she had (if she gets an A, which is fairly likely now, I get a half hour back massage, and a two course breakfast in bed). I went to bed before 3ish, but I have like a zillion things to do right now and so my mind decided to list and evaluate all those things instead of letting me go to sleep. And then I had to get up at 6.30, throw some clothes on and zoom out to Sky City, and PICK UP MY LITTLE BABY!!!! Yaaaaay Si’s in town. So that’s very very exciting. And Brad was just as excited when Si showed up in his bed – I didn’t tell the boys when Si was gonna get here, as I wanted to surprise them and we did.

I’d intended to go straight back to bed, but I was feeling all chipper and hyper on lack of sleep, so I made waffles instead. Clay had to go out, so Brad Si and I had a lovely breakfast together before Brad went off to tech. I felt like a good American sitcom Mom. I tried not to fall asleep in order to keep Si company, but then he went and slept anyways, so I did some work. Eventually I made Si get up so we could go to town together. We met up with Brad in the radio studio, and went to the Bakehouse Cafe for lunch. Then they made me go to my Instructional Design for Multimedia class, yawn. Peter Mansfield has progressed from calling me “Joanne” to calling me “Jo” now, and I’m not happy.

Si came to my MMbroadcasting class with me. It was so exciting, really it was. Ian logged us all onto some other server so that we could bypass the firewall to look at streaming media. Wahoo, what an experiance! Then we met up with Brad to give him a ride home, and as the motorway was blocked, we went via Newmarket and the Warehouse. Man I’ve missed Si’s momma’s warehouse card!

I spent the evening “helping kate” after dropping Si in town for some concert thingie. Then Clay came home, and I helped him put together party bags for his party. He bought $50 of pix’n mix candy. I imagine this is why I am feeling so wired. The bags are cool, man. There’s a dollar mix twist bag in each, and a hat, and a horn, and a milky bar, and it’s all stuck down with pokemon stickers. Clay’s so excited about his party, it’s so so cute. I just hope it all goes smoothly. Lollies lollies lollies. Kate came home and gave me a V, which I drank without thinking. Sugar sugar sugar sugar. I went and watched her play with makeup, and obsessed over my hair. I had bits of it twisted up while it was still wet today, so it ended up all wavy, like every single tv star has it this season. Then we waited around til like sometime past one am when Si finally texted me for a ride home. Kate drove, because we could both see how babbling and jumpy I was. In fact, I should be in bed now. More songs should use xylophones, I think.

Tom and I are going to get married on the 29th of February, but I’m not telling him which year it is. This way, every year he’ll be renting a powder blue tux and waiting by the phone. Brilliant.

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